So You're Ready to Submit...

Congrats for writing a publishable manuscript!

But let's answer a few questions first...

So...Do I Need an Agent to Submit to Stasia Press?

We first intended to write a long, drawn out spiel about how we wanted to appeal to the underdog, how we think the industry favors established poets over newbies, and how we think the submission process should remain simplified. But that only leads to really long sentences. So we decided to keep things brief:

No. You don't need a literary agent to submit.

Literary agents are wonderfully talented people who champion the poet/novelist's talents and legal rights. However, it's just as competitive to be signed with them as it is to be published outright by large companies like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, or Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Poets/Writers have to build up their own reputation from the ground up to even get noticed by small publishers, presses, and literary magazines. Newbie poets have a hard enough time doing so. So we're encouraging those without literary agents to submit. We want to be the stepping stone that helped launch your literary career.

But just because you already have a literary agent to represent you doesn't mean your submission is not welcome. Everyone is welcome to submit their manuscript to Stasia Press...when submissions are open.

In short, you don't need a literary agent to submit. But you do need to impress us with your talent. We can't wait to read your submissions during open season.

Should I Include a "Cover" Letter with My Submission?

As the publishing industry becomes more refined, we find that getting published with larger presses is almost like applying for a job. Since those writers applied for that "position", editors understand that they all have the capability of writing. But it doesn't always mean that editors are certain to "hire" all "applicants" because they're good writers.

It's good to learn to stand out in a crowd of other poets. And sometimes submitting a "cover" or query letter is the best way to stand out. But we don't feel poets/writers should do that with our press. We believe that a poet's work should stand for itself.

In fact, if you submit a "cover" or query letter, we can guarantee you that we won't read it. We prefer to dig into the poet's work without an appetizer, especially so with a newbie poet. Discovering the depths of a poet's manuscript with an undiluted perspective is how we work best.

In short, it is up to you if you wish to include a query letter, but it may be best for you not to include it with your submission. It won't be read and we'd hate for you to waste all that effort.

Who do you folks publish?

We only have the man power to publish works from writers who write in the English language. Since we are local to Colorado, US and Australia, we do give prefer poets and writers from those places. But anywhere may submit their manuscript for publication.

And now for the Submission's Guidelines!

Click on Multicultural Literature Submissions Guidelines or Poetry Submissions Guidelines for details.