So You're Ready to Submit...

Congrats for writing a publishable manuscript!

But let's answer a few questions first...

Do I Need an Agent to Submit to Stasia Press?

We first intended to write a long, drawn out spiel about how we wanted to appeal to the underdog, how we think the industry favors established poets over newbies, and how we think the submission process should remain simplified. But that only leads to really long sentences. So we decided to keep things brief:

No, you don't need a literary agent to submit.

Should I Include a "Cover" Letter with My Submission?

Submitting a "cover" or query letter is great way to stand out. But we believe that a poet's work should stand for itself. In fact, if you submit a "cover" or query letter, we can guarantee you that we won't read it. We prefer to dig into the poet's work without an introduction, especially so with a newbie poet. Discovering the depths of a poet's manuscript with an undiluted perspective is how we work best.

Who do you folks publish?

We only have the womanpower to publish works from poets who write in the English language. But anyone from any country may submit their manuscript for publication.

And now for the Submission Guidelines! Click here for details.