So you want to join our staff...

Welcome Awesome Traveler of Time and Space!

We're looking for folks who want to put Stasia Press on the map or get their feet wet in the ePublishing business. Note that you'll be volunteering your time until we turn a profit.

We'd love to work with passionate, creative self-starters interested in all aspects of the publishing industry. Whether you're looking to gain college credit or make a career change, we want to work with you. Internships last 6-12 months, 5-15 hours per week. If you're still interested, then please, read on for a labor of love description.

All members of the staff must be willing to skim through all manuscripts. After all, who wants to work on publishing something if you don't believe in the work?

The Developmental Editor helps with the initial part of editing. This person would assist the Editor-in-Chief in digging into the content of the manuscript. It's our job to make sure we ask the right questions of the poet, asking the poet what was meant to be said. This would be the best time to question the structural soundness of the manuscript and of each poem within it.

The Copy Editor takes the editing process one step further. Once the writer has been asked "What, Where, When, Who, and Why", the copy editor ensures the that syntax of the manuscript flows smoothly. Are the rules of grammar and punctuation adhered to? Or does manuscript have its own style of grammar and punctuation? If so, are those "rules" applied to and present in each poem or chapter? Is the arcing theme of the manuscript identifiable? Would X poem or chapter be better off placed earlier in the manuscript or later? These are questions the copy editor must answer.

When a manuscript reaches the Proofreader's desk, the revision process should be complete. All that's left is to find the last remaining mistakes or glitches in the manuscript. Is the font the same throughout the manuscript? How did "they're" sneak into that line when it was "their" before? How come someone didn't catch the missing apostrophe in "thats"? Is the style of the manuscript consistent? Why are the page numbers missing on pages 13-18? Is this manuscript print-ready? Our proofreader ensures that each poem or chapter appears on the page as the writer intended.

The Graphic Designer/Photographer works with the Editorial Staff and the writer to create the cover art for each manuscript, as well as work with the proofreader to ensure the visual style of the manuscript remains consistent from page to page. The graphic designer also works with the Editor-in-Chief and the Marketing & Events Coordinator to create images, flyers, videos, etc. needed for the ad campaign of each e-chapbook. Every once in a while the graphic designer is consulted to make sure the company's website looks appealing to the eye.

The Marketing & Events Coordinator works with Editor-in-Chief and writer to schedule book readings, ebook signing events, and whatever else is need to make sure everyone knows what ebook we've published. The MEC will record and edit events when possible, then upload the videos to the press' YouTube page for our audience. The MEC also makes sure that the literary world knows of Stasia Press and what it stands for.

The Impressive Reads Reviewer finds buzzworthy tomes of poetry and reviews them. The goal here is to help shape Stasia Press' vision by recommending books from authors that the press would like to publish. These are chapbooks written by living authors whose works have something to contribute to literary canon. One book review per month is all that is required.

If you're still reading this page and still want to join our ranks, then drop us a line stating your interest along with a PDF version of your resume. Those who do not follow the instructions will not be considered.