Why Buy With Us

As your real estate agents, our job is to guide you, give you advice and negotiate the best deal possible on you behalf. Although buying a home can be hectic at times, Gemini Realty Team takes pride in being level headed and building a cooperative relationship among all parties to a transaction.

Step #1: We will get to know each other

We will have many conversations to get you to where you want to be. We will talk about where, when, how much and more. And we will talk about your dreams.

Step #2: Gemini Realty Team will not disappear

We WON’T be the agents who meet you a t a house, provide a little information and then disappear. We stay in touch based on your schedule, however often you need us. Once under contract we will be with you every step of the way . . . from explaining the contract, accompanying you to the home inspection and keeping you up to date on the closing timeline.

Step #3: We inform first and sell later

We establish trustworthiness through telling the truth. Realtors who cut to the sales pitch too quickly and are pushy, scare us too! As a buyer you need to have facts and information first before you can make an informed decision. We provide free materials on the buying process, as well as regular, factual updates on the real estate market now and reap the rewards of earning your business later. You tell us when you’re ready!

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