For the virtual vacation identify FOR EACH OF THE 5 "AREAS" of IOWA (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Des Moines)

1. Natural area - Like a Federal wildlife refuge, State or County Park, an area to visit and enjoy nature

a. Name of the park or area

b. Is there anything unique about the park you want to see or do? (a cave, a lake, unique animals, rent a boat, so forth)

2. Museum - Can be any type of museum

a. Name of the museum

b. Location/town

c. What is the museum about? (History of a town, museum about a famous event, museum about a specific topic like Iowa music, so forth)

3. A "kid-fun" orientated place like a water-park, go-cart track, zip-line, etc.

a. Name of the place

b. Location/town

c. What fun things will you do there?

4. A town celebration or town day like Glenn Miller Festival in Clarinda, Tulip Festival in Pella, Sauerkraut Days in Ackley

a. name of the celebration

b. Town it is held at

c. What are they celebrating?

STATE WIDE LOCATIONS Identify TWO of each of the following anywhere in the State (Must be different from the ones above, can not count as one of the above)

1. A National Park or National Monument or National Wildlife area

a. Name of the place

b. Town it is near

c. What is it dedicated to or the reason for the monument or park?

2. A sporting event (college or professional) of ANY sport or physical activity like RAGBRI bike ride, Iowa Games, an Iowa football game (Can be one you participate in or you watch)

a. Name of the event/Game

b. Sport or activity it is

c. Town it is at or near

3. A music concert ,of any type of music,

a. Name of the event or Band/group (A college symphony or Imagine Dragons)

b. Town held at

c. Type of music (rock, country, classical, opera, so forth)

4. A play, live-action performance, not a movie

a. Name of the play or performance

b. Town held at

5. A trail for bike riding, hiking, running, skiing, snowmobiling, ATV, so forth (if in a park, it must be a different park than used before)

a. Location of the trail (Town or Park)

b. Type of trail (hike, horse riding, ATV, so forth)

6. A place to eat or get a treat (restaurant, ice cream shop, so forth) Try to select a place that is NOT a chain like Pizza Hut or Burger King)

a. Name of place and town it is at

b. What are you going to eat or drink?

7. A college or university

a. Name of college and town located at

8.. A site related to a famous Iowan (If a museum you must count it either as "museum" or "famous Iowan" it can not count as both

a. Location/town

b. Who is the famous Iowan?

c. Why are they famous?