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Alana Massi


Daniel Lee for the virtue of respect


Children are now required to earn 100 stickers per week in First in Math. Violations will be issued for those who do not earn 100 additional stickers each week. At the end of the trimester, a First in Math grade will be factored into their Math average. Please take advantage of this valuable resource.

TOP FIVE as of November 12, 2018

Jonary - 4504 stickers

Hanna - 4367 stickers

Julian - 4169 stickers

Alana - 2606 stickers

Ryan - 1852 stickers

I'm happy to see that most of you are consistently earning your First in Math stickers! Keep up the good work!


Be sure you are studying your notes on a daily basis. We will be having our Grammar test on nouns and a Social Studies test on map skills the end of this week.


Reminders for the week of November 12:

1. WINTER UNIFORM has begun. All students are expected to wear their school sweater, and boys are required to wear white, button-down shirt, and tie.

2. Your child's First in Math sticker count is noted in the back of their homework copybook. They are responsible for earning 100 additional stickers by Monday. Every week thereafter, your child will be expected to earn 100 stickers. It is important to take advantage of this valuable resource as it will improve math skills and be counted as a test grade each trimester.

3. Our Thanksgiving Food Drive will take place this week. Please bring in a nonperishable food item or canned good.

4. Alana, Giuliana, Katherine R., and Jacob M. sold $75 or more in our Christmas Kit Drive so they will have a Dress Down Day and Ice Cream Treat on Tuesday.

5. Tuesday is our gym day, but I'm sure the children do not need to be reminded about that! Winter gym uniform (long sweat pants and sweatshirt) must be worn.

6. There will be a Sports' Dress Down Day ($2 donation) on Wednesday.

7. Frozen Dessert orders will be delivered on Thursday. Pick up in between 1 and 2:30 in the school hall.

8. Pretzel money will be $4 for 8 days, 3 days next week and 5 days the week after Thanksgiving.

9. Hopefully many of you will join us for Family Bingo on Friday from 7 - 9 p.m. in the school hall.


Breakfast program has begun.. Your child must arrive by 8 a.m. in order to pick up his/her breakfast and finish eating prior to the start of prayers. Please refer to the menu choices for hot lunch. If your child doesn't want the hot lunch provided, please send them to school with a cold lunch. Lunches should not be delivered to Ms. Audree, please.

Tuesday is our gym day, and all students are required to wear their gym uniform (grey shorts or long pants and grey tee shirt or sweatshirt), Children are permitted to wear the gym shorts and tee shirt until further notice.

Please be sure to check and sign homework copybook and all written assignments every night. As I've explained to the children, all work is to be completed in cursive writing. I know this is not easy for them, and I've told them I totally understand. Please do not stress over this. Their cursive will improve the more we practice.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the third grade. I am sure that your child’s success and welfare are as important to you as they are to me. Thus, I would like to provide you with my expectations for the coming year.

Third grade is a transition year for your child. No longer in the primary grades where not as much is expected of him/her, third grade aims to teach your child to become more responsible and independent. The work is harder, the amount of homework will increase, and it will take your child more time to complete assignments. Please be patient as your child adjusts.

All work is to be completed as instructed in class, neatly, and on time. Homework assignment book, as well as all written homework, must be signed daily. This is to ensure that you are aware of what is going on in the classroom. Your child’s growth and your understanding of his/her performance are vital to his/her education. It is important for you to know when your child is doing well, in addition to when he/she is doing poorly. Homework reinforces what he/she has been taught in the classroom. Homework encompasses both written and study assignments, which will be assigned on a daily basis. Incomplete assignments will be recorded and may influence report card grade. Ample time will be given to prepare for quizzes and tests and will be noted in homework assignment book. All children will be required to take advantage of First in Math and earn 100 stickers per week. Weekly sticker count will be recorded every Monday in the back of homework copybook and should be initialed by you. At the end of the trimester, points will be deducted for each week 100 stickers were not earned . First in Math is a great resource available to the students and should prove beneficial to all who make use of it appropriately. Parents, guardians, siblings, etc. should not be earning stickers for the children. Doing so has no academic benefit to the child and puts them in an uncomfortable situation.

Test folders will be sent home on Mondays (usually) and are to be signed and returned on Tuesday. Make-up tests will be administered at 7:45 a.m. upon return from absence (with the exception of a prolonged absence). Also, it is recommended that your child come to school at 7:45 upon return from an absence in order to catch up on missed notes/work, or you may call the office before 2 p.m. and request work be sent home or picked up. Missed work cannot be made up during the school day.

Pretzel money is collected on Thursday and Friday for the following week, and/or children may purchase a snack during recess. If your child is not purchasing a pretzel or snack from school, they are permitted to bring fruit, vegetables, or yogurt as their recess snack. Only one snack is permitted to be eaten at recess, and no drinks are allowed. Children will be permitted to get a drink from the water fountain.

Again this year, all children will be entitled to free breakfast and lunch. However, there is a $25 monthly (per family) Lunch Sitting Fee which covers supervision. Breakfast is distributed at 8 a.m. If your child will be eating breakfast in school, it is important he/she arrives at 8 a.m. so that he/she finishes eating before prayers. Those not eating breakfast in school are expected to arrive at 8:20.

All school policies and procedures outlined in the handbook are followed and enforced. Demerits will be issued for lateness, uniform violation, etc. Please send all monies in an envelope with your child’s name and grade on it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a note, leave a message at the school office, or email me at I will be happy to address your concerns. In addition, if there are any special circumstances, allergies, etc. please keep me informed.

Thank you in advance for your support. With joint cooperation and hard work, we will have a very rewarding and pleasant year.


Mrs. Patricia Lafferty