Counseling Services

The St. Anthony Village High School Counseling Program aligns with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Guidelines which consists of the following major areas:

The SAVHS Counseling Program uses a guidance curriculum in line with the Minnesota Department of Education and the World's Best Workforce Initiative– This includes learning activities that take place in grade level meetings, classroom level guidance, small group counseling, or with individuals.

Individual Planning & Responsive Services – The school counselors also provide consultation, personal counseling, crisis counseling, and referrals.

  • Individual counseling includes assisting students to assess and interpret abilities, interests, skills and achievements.
  • Individual counseling also includes encourages students to learn self-advocacy skills and to foster awareness, planning and decision making.

Why would I see my counselor?

A student may see a counselor for a variety of reasons. School counselors are trained to help students with:

  • Personal Issues – anxiety, chemical use, eating issues, stress, depression, etc.
  • Social Issues – peer conflicts, family concerns, friendship or dating issues, etc.
  • Academic – study skills, tutors, scheduling, transcripts, etc.
  • Career/College – future planning, test preparation, applications for schools, etc.

How do I make an appointment?

Students can make an individual appointment with their counselor by going to the School Counseling Secretary, Ms. Kurak, in the office or contact a counselor via email. Parents should make appointments to see their student’s counselor by calling the Counseling Office at (612)706-1104. Counselors make every effort to return phone calls and emails within 48 hours, and to accommodate requests for appointments in less than one week. During the busy times of the school year, early September, the end of January, and the month of June, it may take longer for a response.