Mustang Minis

It's been a great Spring. We have been learning all about how flowers grow, birds hatch and some of the characteristics of insects that can be found around here in the Spring. The Minis loved pretending to plant flowers using moon sand and artificial flowers, and they learned how to draw flowers (ask them to teach YOU the steps they learned to draw flowers).

We are now learning about all things farm related. We had fun working together to turn our dramatic play into a barn, the Minis love to play with the farm animals and barns we have out. It's also been neat to see the puppet shows that the Minis put on using our new farm puppets. We did marble painting to make our pigs we painted look like they were rolling in the mud. We are planning to use "dirt" (coffee grounds) at our sensory table to let the Minis play with the farm animals and then we will have them wash them up with water, soap and sponges. It's sure to be a really fun time. We learned about St. George, who is the patron saint of farmers and did fun activities with drawing flowers growing from seeds.

As May is the month of Mary, our Blessed Mother we have been praying to Mary, discussing the importance of mothers and why we celebrate Mother's Day and even learning about mommy and baby farm animals. We are excited that a few grades in our school have incubators with chicken eggs and the baby chicks have hatched. We had a chance to visit the chicks and learn a little about them. It doesn't get much better than adorable baby chicks interacting with our sweet Mustang Minis.


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