January is here and we are happy to be back in the swing of things. We have been learning all about the season of winter. The Minis shared all of the fun things they like to do in winter and we have been reading some great winter stories. Some of our favorites so far are Pip and Squeak, The Hat and The Mitten. We have been having fun painting with hot cocoa paint, using snowballs to play counting games, and playing snow ball letter and number freeze dance. We've had winter dress up in our dramatic play area and have been having fun pretending to build snowmen and make snow angels. We have been working on strengthening our fine motor skills by tracing letters, cutting pictures for our Nativity Story book, lacing necklaces and sewing mittens. We played some fun games on the SmartBoard to to do with the stories The Hat and The Mitten, by Jan Brett. We compared the animals in the stories, sequenced the events in the stories, and graphed animals that were in the stories. We also had fun acting out The Mitten and pretending be the animals that climbed in the mitten to keep warm (we even climbed in a great big mitten that is taped on our rug).

In Religion we discussed the Ephipany (the arrival of the Three Wisemen). We added the three wisemen to our nativity art piece. Our hand print advent wreaths helped us count down the weeks to Jesus' birth and we sang the songs Light the Advent Candle as well as Oh come, Oh Come Emmanuel.