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Welcome to Term 2

During our school's closure we would like to provide families with ideas to continue learning at home.

The Tui, Korimako and Kāhu whānau have prepared activities suitable for their age groups, which can be found below. Please remember though, that talking, baking/cooking together, letting your child assist with chores, playing board games, kicking a ball around, drawing etc, are all valuable learning experiences. Kia kaha te whānau!

Tui Home Learning Y1-2

Here are some ideas and activities you can do with your children at home during the coming week. They are optional so do as many or as few as you wish. The links will take you to fun learning experiences.

If you would like to share your child’s creations or activity with the teacher, please upload photos using class DOJO Messenger.

Teachers will be available at some time between 9:00 am-3:00 pm Monday to Friday to answer any questions you might have or to celebrate and share learning. Have fun with the learning activities and take care.

Korimako Home Learning Y3-4

The Korimako Whānau teachers have prepared this document with activities suitable for the Year 3s and 4s.

Try to complete between 1 - 3 activities a day. Teachers will be available at some time Monday-Friday between 9:00am - 3:00pm, to assist you with your learning. If you would like to share activities with your teacher upload photos via Class Dojo. If you are working in Google Classroom you can upload your work there and share with your class. Choose activities you enjoy, and also try to challenge yourself.

Be kind to your family and stay strong. If you are interested in having a structured daily programme of learning, check out Khan Academy Daily learning schedules from Khan Academy

Grade 2 activities suitable for Year 3 students and Grade 3 activities suitable for Year 4 students

Click this link to view the Term 1 document.

Kāhu Home Learning Y5-6

Welcome to Term 2

This is a sample of the interesting learning activities Kaahu Teachers have created for you to start our term with. Your choices and instructions will be posted as a slide on your Classroom Class Dojo page and be available on Google Classroom. You can contact us between 9-3 on school days. We will connect using Class Dojo, Google Classroom and Google Meet (Google Meet by appointment). Check out your class Dojo page for more detail.

Connecting to Kāhu Y5-6 Google Classrooms

Kāhu learning will be taking place through Google Classrooms. If you check your Google Classroom there will be information and things to do set out by your teacher.

If you are in Room 13 (Mrs Ball is currently in a remote area, with unreliable internet) or if your classroom has not been updated, you can always check the Room 14 classroom.

Classroom codes are published to ClassDojo only, to keep our classes secure.


  • Login to Google using your own school Google email and password
  • Go to https://classroom.google.com/
  • Click on the cross in the top right and choose join class
  • Type in your class code found in the DOJO post to the Kāhu Whanau. If you need some help getting set up, then ask your teacher through email or ClassDojo.

Paper packs to download and print:

Here are the three whānau packs that were available at school prior to lockdown. You are welcome to print and use.


Browse the reading, writing, maths and spelling activities in the other sections on this site and the activities set out by the different Whānau.


Look at other fantastic learning sites compiled by Learn@Home via Youtube to find activities for art, science and puzzles.


Make a timetable for the day such as the one shown. The website FAMILY EDUCATION has many great ideas and resources to help you.

Growth Mindset

We want to become mindful of our emotions and how these impact our school work, home life and relationships.

To help at home you may want to watch the Class Dojo short clips about Growth Mindset. Stanmore Bay students are also able to attend lunch time classes in Mindfulness with Ms Flower.

Here is a link to the three breathing techniques Ms Flower has shown all of our students at the PB4L assemblies this term.