UnDergraduate Diversity in Research

Meet Our Fall 2021 Cohort of research fellows

Alejandra Orozco

Alejandra Orozco is a senior studying Management Science and Engineering. Alejandra’s interest in financial literacy, micro-entrepreneurship, and microfinance began while growing up in Mexico, where financial planning is generally nonexistent. This interest led her to pursue experiences in the financial services industry at J.P. Morgan, Fidelity, and the Stanford Capital Group. She is committed to improving the quality of life in her country through financial education and empowerment. Outside of her academic commitments, you can find her cooking, hiking, or reading!

Anna Hudson

Anna is an undergraduate studying bioengineering and computer science. She’s interested in healthcare from all angles: policy, modeling, biotech, patient care, and more. She’s particularly interested in improving healthcare access and translational research. At Stanford, she’s involved with the Biodesign center, done research with Stanford SPARK, and worked in the Equity by Design Lab at the Graduate School of Business. In her free time, she loves listening to Ella Fitzgerald, travel, and photography. She’s excited to work with Professor Amin Saberi on modeling outbreaks and contact tracing.

Anuhea Parker

Anuhea Parker is a senior studying Management Science and Engineering and coterming in Sustainability Science and Practice. She is passionate about corporate sustainability and is excited to work with Professor Bob Sutton. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing poetry, laying out in the sun with friends, and trying new foods!

Jessica Chen

Jessica Chen is a sophomore majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science and minoring in History. Born and raised in Guangzhou, China, she also calls Charlotte, NC, where she went to high school, her American home. She loves connecting with different communities and cultures and reflecting on what positive changes can be implemented. She is interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and passionate about preserving humanity in the age of technology. During her free time, she loves playing the piano, road tripping, and going on night walks.

Jorge Armenta

Jorge is a junior from Nogales, Arizona, majoring in Management Science and Engineering, where he is exploring the intersection of finance, business, and technology. He currently works as a venture scout for Draper Associates and has gained experience in the FinTech startup landscape working in a product and strategy role. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, music, and playing tennis.

Kelvin Waititu

Kelvin K Waititu is a freshman from Nairobi, Kenya. Having researched financial markets and their operations in Kenya with his former High School Business Team, Kelvin is interested in the intersection between technology and financial systems and hopes to use the expertise from these two disparate fields to develop digital financial solutions that drive towards a decentralized and inclusive financial system that works for all Kenyans- irregardless of their level of income. In his free time, Kelvin likes listening to Afro pop music and creating memes.

Khuyen Nguyen

Khuyen Nguyen is currently a freshman at Stanford University. She is interested in the intersection between data science and social issues, specifically those that involve inequalities in first generation or low-income communities. In the past, she has worked with environmental non-profits and advocated for educational resources in STEM.

Makenna Turner

Makenna Turner is a sophomore from Boulder, Colorado studying Computer Science with a potential co-term in MS&E. Prior to Stanford, Makenna worked as a Research Assistant in the Laboratory for Playful Computation at the University of Colorado - Boulder. Last summer, Makenna worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Amazon for their AWS platform. This summer, she intends on pursuing an internship in Consulting for Consumer Technology. Outside of academics, Makenna loves beekeeping at home in Colorado, is a member of the Equestrian Team, and enjoys exploring food around the Bay Area.

Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson is a freshman hoping to study either Electrical Engineering or Energy Resource Engineering. In his free time he enjoys traveling. He loves experiencing cultures through their food and music. Matthew is looking forward to working with Professor John Weyant on issues related to energy equity and Sustainability. He is passionate about renewable energy technologies as a means of supplementing traditional energy sources.

Nadine Fattah

Nadine Fattah is a junior majoring in Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) with a focus on organizations, technology, and policy. She is passionate about the intersection of finance with entrepreneurship, technology, and international affairs, and strives to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to each of her endeavors. Her experience includes equity research at Dodge & Cox and working in product, growth, and fundraising capacities at various innovative startups. As a Girls Who Invest Scholar, SWIF Vice President, and SENSA Vice President, she is passionate about increasing women's representation in finance and entrepreneurship. In her free time, Nadine enjoys mentoring refugee youth, watching comedy specials, and traveling. She is thrilled to be working with Professor Charles Eesley on research in entrepreneurship, international affairs, and social impact.

Quinn Smalling

Quinn Smalling is a Senior from Livermore, CA studying mathematics with a minor in economics. After interning with BlackRock, he discovered his passion for data science and analysis; he now hopes to focus on the field of computational policy, working at the intersection of law and data science. In his free time, Quinn enjoys listening to music and tossing a football.

Reta Nissan

Reta is a current junior from San Diego, California studying Economics. Her research interests are in understanding and addressing poverty and inequality using quantitative and computational methods. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to music, and watch documentaries.

Romuald Thomas

Romuald Thomas is a sophomore studying Computer Science. In the past, he has worked as a research assistant in the Stanford Screenomics Lab and analyzed private data in an effort to capture the effects that habitual technological use may have on one's behavior and quality of life as well as its effects within various organizational structures. In his free time, he enjoys studying maps and learning about new countries and the cultures that come alongside them.

Sam Prieto Serrano

Sam Prieto Serrano is a sophomore studying Symbolic Systems and minoring in Computer Science. He is interested in public interest technology and advancing education equity access, especially in ways that can advance and center the experiences of those from low-income or most public need. He has been involved in the Haas Center for Public Service and the Public Interest Tech Lab. He is excited to explore MS&E working with Professor Irene Lo on research at the intersection of education, policy, and algorithms. In his free time, Sam enjoys playing volleyball and trying out new types of music.

Yale Wang

Yale Wang is a sophomore undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering with a focus on hardware & software. He is keen to explore different interests and fields to apply those technical knowledge. He is extremely excited to work with Professor Yinyu Ye and PhD candidate Devansh Jalota and do research on online Fisher equilibrium markets and social regret analysis.

Yosheb Getachew

Yosheb Getachew is a senior majoring in Physics and Mathematics and prospective Coterm in Computer Science. His passions include quantum information theory, optimization and algorithm development, the application of probabilistic models to variable physical systems, and minority representation in STEM. He has also conducted researched in molecular biology, computational neuroscience, astrophysics, and high energy particle physics labs. Through the MS&E Undergraduate Diversity in Research Fellowship, Yosheb will begin studying quantum matrix games with Professor Aaron Sidford and the Algorithms and Optimization Lab. In his free time, Yosheb enjoys exercising, history, and time spent friends and family.

Zora Hudson

Zora Hudson is a sophomore from New York City who grew up in São Paulo. She is working towards a bachelors degree in Economics or Management Science and Engineering and a minor in Math. Outside of her studies, she plays tennis and writes.