Sponsoring the 2020 LD4 Conference on Linked Data in Libraries

The 2020 LD4 Conference on Linked Data in Libraries (May 13-14 in College Station, Texas) has several sponsorship opportunities for companies and organizations who would like to support the adoption of linked data in libraries. By making a financial commitment to the LD4 Conference, sponsors will contribute to the success of the conference by supporting conference costs including: travel stipends to allow participation from those who may not otherwise be able to attend; conference-associated meals or events to encourage interaction and discussion; and other costs associated with the conference venue and logistics. Sponsors receive the following benefits:

Sponsorship benefits

$1,000 level

  • Sponsor name, logo and link to sponsor website included on conference website and online conference program
  • Acknowledgment by name in the May 13th kickoff session
  • Complimentary conference registration for one attendee

$2,500 level

All of the $1000-level benefits, plus

  • Complimentary conference registration for two attendees
  • Option of a sponsor table for the period of the conference
  • Display of sponsor’s promotional materials at the venue

$5,000 level

All of the $2500-level benefits, plus

  • Option of giving lightning talk during opening plenary

Additional sponsorship opportunities

Sponsors may instead wish to support a specific cost with their contribution. Possibilities include sponsorship of

  • Travel stipends for one or more attendees (per-person travel stipends are $500 + registration or $1250 + registration; travel stipend recipients apply for a stipend and are selected by the Program Committee)
  • Lunch or reception for conference attendees (Lunch cost is estimated to be $4,000 per day; reception costs to be determined)
  • Videorecording or live streaming of conference sessions (costs range from approximately $1700 for video-recording of one room on one day, to $9000 for live-streaming one room for two days, to $31,000 for live-streaming all rooms for two days)

To become a sponsor or discuss additional sponsorship opportunities, please email the Sponsorship Subcommittee ld4_conf_sponsorships@googlegroups.com