Welcome! I am a graduate student in pure mathematics at Stanford University, working in topology. My advisor is Søren Galatius and I expect to receive my PhD in 2019. My CV is available.

Email: jreinh [AT] stanford [DOT] edu.

Research Interests

I am interested in algebraic and geometric topology, and my work is aimed at applying homotopy theory to solve geometric questions, with a special focus on the topology of manifolds.

Some keywords: manifold bundles and their characteristic classes, cobordism categories, moduli spaces of manifolds, configuration spaces, surgery theory and the classification of high-dimensional manifolds.

Publications and Preprints

Invited Talks

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I am not teaching during the 2018/19 academic year. Here is a list of all classes I have taught.


I have always had a passion for sharing my enthusiasm for mathematics. See here for more details.


I like taking part in conferences and workshops around the globe. See here for my recent and forthcoming travel plans.