Associated Students of Stanford University

Constitutional Council

Judicial Branch of Stanford's Student Government

The ASSU Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council is a neutral forum that exists to adjudicate disputes under the ASSU Constitution.

We welcome the participation by all members of the Stanford community.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out cc-chair (at) assu (dot)

About the Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council was created to ensure that the ASSU acts in the best interests of students and within the guidance of the ASSU Constitution. The Constitutional Council adjudicates cases where the constitutionality under the ASSU Constitution of an act by an Association legislative body, the President of the Association, the Nominations Commission, the Elections Commission, or any member(s) of the Association is called into question, including student groups.

The Constitutional Council is comprised of 5 members. All members must be currently enrolled students. Members shall serve until they resign, cease to be enrolled students, or are removed by a 4/5 vote of both Association legislative bodies. The Constitution tasks the ASSU President with selecting candidates for the Council and the legislative bodies are tasked with confirming candidates.

As the Constitutional Council meets on an adhoc basis, members of the community are invited to subscribe to the following email list in order to receive notice of meetings here.

If you are interested in seeing the minutes and agendas of the Constitutional Council, you may access them here.