Thoughts from the Head

November 7, 2019

Learn about the work faculty have accomplished in their re-design of and ongoing investigation of Parent Conferences.

Read about the process and timeline of the school's Strategic Planning Process coming up this Spring.

Take a look at this new publication from Mrs. Harper. It contains great information about Admission and Development activities.

St. Andrew's Numbers Matter...

2 - FIRST Lego Robotics teams competing this year.

3 - Theatre productions this year.

4 - Bronco Box Fine Arts Performances this year. (Watch the Video of the first one below.)

7 - Southwestern Association of Episcopal School team members who visited St. Andrew's on our accreditation week.

Remember, there will be no Spring Benefit this year.

This is the sole fundraiser supporting our students and faculty at St. Andrew's. Please prayerfully consider directing your overall giving this year to the Fund.

Click here to give online!

Fund for Excellence

Use this link access resources that may be helpful including lunch menus, dress code, and the student/parent handbook.

Coffee with the Head of School (11/7 - 5:30p, 11/8 - 8:30a, 12:30p)

Come join one of these times for a conversation about experiential learning and the school's efforts to cultivate cognitive diversity.

Each month, a different policy from the student/parent handbook will be highlighted. This month, please read our policy on how we support Differing Learning Profiles.

Learn with us...

Moving forward, the design of our learning process throughout our program will be guided by the principles of experiential learning. Take a look at this excellent video on its benefits - it gives a nice overview of the process.

This next video demonstrates the power of experiential learning and is an exemplar of heroic ambition from a master teacher. If it catches your interest, there is an hour-long documentary that is outstanding.

Spotlight on the Program...

Mrs. Jayme McBride has spearheaded a new programmatic element this year she has called "Bronco Box Fine Arts." The simple beauty of her idea is that it is a celebration of our students' creativity. The nuanced complexity of it is that it is a demonstration of both her students' and her own heroic ambition.