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* Book Fair will take place next week

* Pizza day will be THURSDAY!

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

What a busy week we had! The students had a wonderful bunny play date with the First grade class, Charlie enjoyed his time meeting the other bunnies and exploring new surroundings. On Monday Charlie will be moving to his new home and we know he will love it! We have been very busy academically, the students are learning so much! Please see the breakdown of our specific classes and what has been going on in class! In Reading, we have begun our in depth study of Roald Dahl's The Witches. The students love identifying the figurative language that they come across in their reading and have been doing a great job of summarizing the chapters as they read them. We have been working hard to identify text structure, the student Neon Read On kits are getting a lot of use! The class is utilizing their vocabulary books this week and we will test their knowledge at the end of the week. In Math, we are focusing on three digit by one digit multiplication with regrouping. In class we started using our math journals which will be used in class and at home. Xtra Math is an important component to their math studies, please make sure they are logging on at home. In Social Studies, we are leaving the Northeast region and heading south! The students took their first Social Studies test this week and now know what to expect on their next one. Next week we will create our lap book for the Southeast region. In Science, we are still studying energy. Next week we will be talking in depth about different forms of energy and complete a hands on activity. Information will be coming home about our upcoming field trip. We hope you can join us for the picnic portion at Audubon Park. Don't forget we have a short week next week due to conferences, and Thursday will be a pizza day! The book fair is also next week, how exciting! The kids have been arriving to class on time, thank you! This allows us to get all of our morning work done in a timely matter. We hope you have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Sontag and Mrs. Butler