The SCOE Badge Project

Welcome to the SCOE Badge Project. We are so glad you found us! See below to read what this personalized PD is all about, or start badging up by browsing the badge categories and finding a learning opportunity that you want to showcase evidence for.

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What is the SCOE Badge Project?

The SCOE Badge Project is a program designed for educators to monitor and celebrate professional learning. Once a staff member learns a new skill or strategy they submit an artifact demonstrating how they will impact students with this new knowledge. For their efforts, they will earn badges that represent they possess skill sets that make them a dynamic asset in the classroom. These badges can then be displayed for the WORLD to see!

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are "Micro-credentials" that certify the holder is proficient in a specific skill or set of skills. In addition to a certification, the SCOE Badge Project offers badge holders the opportunity to earn rewards for their efforts. Each badge earned by a participating educator or staff member will result in a chance to win prizes from our gracious sponsors such as CalRTA, Modesto Rotary, Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto Nuts, Ceres Unified School District Foundation, Valley Song Capital Management, COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Modesto, Dust Bowl Brewing Co., Mazda's Plus, 5.11 Tactical, Hovey Wine, Bespoke Collective, and the Stanislaus County Office of Education.

Who can earn a digital badge?

Anyone! Teachers, admins, support staff, ... The idea behind a digital badge is for someone to demonstrate a specific skill set that they would like to integrate into their craft. The badge is significant in celebrating the fact that an individual set out to better themselves within their field. We believe that given the opportunity, learners taking control of their own learning can be extremely empowering.

How do I earn a digital badge?

To earn a digital badge, simply peruse the different sections of this website and find a topic/resource that you would like to learn. Click on the image of that specific badge and it will link you to what the badge is about, the criteria and evidence needed to earn the badge, and a link to submit your project. Submissions will be assessed according to the required evidence. If the project meets all of the criteria, the learner will be issued an open badge and they can display it wherever they please (email signature, blog, website, your digital badge backpack, social media...).

Have an idea for a new badge?

Make a copy of the Badge Description Template, fill in the required information about your badge, add evidence requirements, and share the completed document with

Once you have completed your Badge Description Document, complete this submission form.

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