Eighth Grade Animators!

The eighth grade students worked hard to create short animation videos for their final project this year. They had to create a storyboard and then fashion characters either from non-drying clay or legos that they could use to tell their story.

The students used an iPad app called My Create to shoot their animation footage and then did some final editing, voice overs or captions in Windows Movie Maker.

This project involved lots of creativity, problem solving, and perseverance. All students concluded that animation is way harder to accomplish than it looks, but most were pleased with their first foray into this technology. They all came away with new admiration for such films as Toy Story, Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep now that they understand what must have gone into those productions.

Just click on a story name in the navigation at the top to view the animation videos......

The eighth grade animators invited their Kindergarten buddies to view their finished videos!