Mrs. Reed

8B Homeroom

School Phone: (610) 459-8134

Welcome Back Students!!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic, fun-filled summer!! I'm looking forward to another year at St. Thomas and seeing all of you again! It will be a bittersweet August for me as I watch my oldest go off to college, but I'll make it through!

Be sure to check the supplies list - some of the teachers have changed their supplies for the coming year, myself included. For those in my homeroom, I ask that you have something for all of your pencils, pens, markers, etc, as well as something (like a plastic baggie) for your index cards. This will help prevent things from falling out of the desks and all over the floor through the day. When we get into the classroom, I will make sure everyone has an alternate place for books & binders to help keep the desks neat.

To all my math students: the next two weeks would be a great time to start working on the Pre-Course Test that was part of the Summer Work. Also, if you haven't been working in IXL, please start to do so now! Incoming 6th graders - you MUST know your math facts!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! I'll be coming in during the last week of August, if anyone wants service hours to help me set things up. Just send me an email and I'll let you know my schedule that week. Enjoy these last couple of weeks! See you in September!