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Ms. Stewart & Mrs. Kroenert

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Elementary school is an exciting and formative time for students, parents, and teachers! The school counselors at Wellington Elementary perform many functions to assist students and their families as they navigate this important time for learning and experience. School counselors work directly with students in various capacities to foster positive growth and change, while also offering support to parents, teachers, and other school staff in understanding the developmental needs of elementary school students. Collaboration across support networks is a vital component of the school counseling program that contributes to student growth and success.

Who are my Wellington Elementary Counselors?

Mrs. Stewart: Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th stewarts@lisd.net


Mrs. Kroenert: 1st, 3rd and 5th kroenertt@lisd.net


Guidance & Counseling and

the Role of a Professional School Counselor

The purpose of guidance and counseling at Wellington Elementary School (WES) is to implement a proactive developmental guidance program to encourage all students to maximize personal growth and development. Within that purpose, the role of the school counselor is:

  1. Develop and implement comprehensive guidance lessons to all students (K-5)
  2. Individual planning with students regarding education placement and life goals
  3. Responsive services including appropriate referrals, individual and group counseling needs
  4. Support and collaborate with administration, staff, and parents by providing training, local resources, and community experiences

How WES school counselors address student needs:

  • Individual Counseling -- Counselors work with students on a one-to-one basis in order to help them effectively manage a variety of personal, academic, and social issues. While each student faces his/her own unique challenges, some common issues for elementary involve: confidence/self-esteem, academic pressures, coping with grief, dealing with families in transition, organization, stress/anxiety management, fitting in, communication skills, peer relationships, and crisis management, among others.
  • Group Counseling -- Each school counselor facilitates small group counseling throughout the year. Groups are organized according to student-identified needs and are available to all interested students. Groups meet regularly and may be ongoing throughout the year or time-structured with a start/end date. Common group topics could include; friendship, newcomers, grief, study skills, "LIFE" (Living in Families Everyday), stress/anxiety, self-confidence, etc. among others.
  • Classroom Guidance -- Periodically throughout the year, school counselors will facilitate lessons in the classroom aimed to address life skills and goals that influence personal and academic success. LISD and WES Counselor Curriculum is done through the Second Step Program. Topics include: Skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, problem solving, bullying, safety, character education, self-care,, social media safety, drugs & alcohol and grief are just a few examples of topics covered by counselors during classroom guidance lessons.