Library Media Specialist: Stephanie Dilks


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:55 am - 3:55 pm


Student Use

The library is open for student use before and after school and during lunch. It is also available to students during class time with teacher permission. For research assistance or questions please email or stop by and visit with Ms. Dilks.

The library is in the process of transitioning to Canvas throughout the year so students can find more information on Canvas by using the following link:

The Collection

The Marcus 9th Grade Campus library media center is unique in that the majority of the titles are available online. The print library is located in the media center just off the main hallway. Our goal is to provide the most popular print and e-book titles to students and staff. We urge you to participate in that effort and take ownership in your library collection by making a purchase selection suggestion.

The libraries are essential to the creation of students who are:

  • Passionate about learning and reading
  • Effective problem solvers
  • Critical and analytical thinkers
  • Proficient communicators
  • Voracious and discerning consumers of information
  • Successful world citizens
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