Blue Tide Poetry


Welcome to Harrison High School's Blue Tide Poetry

The Answer: An Introduction

By dr

Pt. 1

i’m an open book with pages not so pretty,

a world set in flames still spinning,

a wilting tree that leaves still hold on to;

i’m an apology way past overdue.

i’m the wrong right side up,

the going when the going gets tough,

a sweet nothing told to bitter ears;

i’m far away with a body still lingering here.

i’m a welcome sign when the doors are closed,

the gut-wrenching feeling when the truth is exposed,

the empty cries of a shattered spirit,

an anger unleashed without reaching a limit.

like loud sighs and unsaid goodbyes are deafening,

i’m a steady face with a soul that’s trembling,

because what I don’t know does hurt me,

and while I hate the silence, i’m most afraid of the unpredictability.

i’m the waves crashing against the sand,

the grains slipping through your hand;

like the sun, my touch leaving pain:

a King Midas with a price you’ll have to pay.

i’m the calm before the storm,

then the winds that’ll take you by force,

and like every rose has thorns,

heed the message my words warn

as i’m a product of the heartbreak:

a hurricane, an earthquake,

a tsunami of emotions,

the unrest of the oceans.

and finally, my love is barren fielda

land that refuses to grow,

as beauty it will not yield

when only the crows come and go.

Pt. 2

with thoughts I dare not speak

and a tongue willing to keep

the secrets that make me,

i’m a refugee from the real world, an escapee.

so, in cold isolation i’ll hide,

like a bomb shelter is meant to provide

safety from the whirlwind of love and life alike

when i refuse the warmth that comes from the chemical collide

with ink coursing through my veins

and spilling upon these empty pages,

a new story is to be created:

a tale to tell of the time i’ve wasted.

i’ll reach for only what my hands can holdno

matter if it means they come up emptybefore

i give the tides of turmoil control

to sweep my feet from underneath me.

and alas, the sadness will sometime strike,

but fear shall make no fool of me!

for no matter what bed I must lay in at night,

from now on it will only be in my right to decide.

Cold By Justin Arzeno
Eyes as cold as winterEyes as dead as my ancestorsYou may think this makes me weirderBut this fact makes me stronger. My eyes are impervious to any snow, hail, or other wintery furyMy eyes hold my ancestors, Their experiences and their memories
This is the best poem I Can come up with in a hurry But what can you expectfrom my big family
I have two younger brothersOne of them one and the other nine.With an uncle and a motherwith a lot of patience and time.
But all I know is that I am stuck in a warm placeAnd eyes that are just Cold.



Walking through a hall of other classmates

Makes me want to run and hide.

Bumping into others

Makes me want to run and hide

Being called upon

Makes me want to run and hide

Seeing others laugh

Makes me want to run and hide

Seeing others whisper

Makes me want to run and hide

Making a mistake

Makes me want to run and hide

Laughing, yelling, and being excited

Makes me want to run and hide

Not exiling

Makes me want to run and hide

It seems doing anything

Just makes me want to run and hide


By Evie

When the days are short

And so are the nights

My heart gives in

To the crimson frights

For now I shall rest

With these in my head

But when I open

I'll be upside down instead

Many days after life

I'll stay in bed and lie

Knowing that soon

June will become July

Knowing that the people

That own my chest

Will go to sleep unaware

And have a bittersweet rest

For my days are short

And so are my nights

I'll try to stay awake

But I'll turn off the lights.

submersion by Jon C.

i know for a fact that i have not been the only one to have experienced misery. whether it is seen as big or small in the eyes of others, no one will ever understand the struggle of another individual’s pain. my pain comes from the breaking of the ocean, when the surface becomes nothing but a dream due to the amount of time that i have been drowning for. losing hope in everything that was and is. the feelings of mine acting under compulsion causes a chain of eruptions within myself, bringing an overwhelming force of disruption upon the four dimensions of my well being. sensitivity is what makes and breaks the walls of vulnerability. i still have yet to experience the state of feeling truly shielded from the world, life and the problems that follow them. although i have experienced the state of feeling somewhat vulnerable, both feelings maintain two important roles in my life due to the lessons that i am taught from them. i perceive these lessons as messages from the universe informing me that i am allowed to grow. aside from the words of sensitivity, i continue to drown in the ocean. i may not be ready for all that my potential has to offer as of now, but i do have faith in consistently evolving myself to the point where i will be able to accept all that my potential has to offer and more. one day i will break the surface of the ocean and fly, one day i will be set free. i will grow.