Pioneer Elementary Title 1 Family Event

Pioneer Elementary is proud to be a Title 1 school!

Our Title 1 Family Night has gone virtual! This year, you can choose a night when the whole family can enjoy the activities on this site together. This year’s theme, What do you want to be when you grow up?, helps you learn about different careers, and creates an opportunity to talk to your child about their hopes and dreams, and what it may take to achieve those goals. Take this time to share what you do for a living with your child, and how you got there. There are lots of stories to listen to, and activities to enjoy together.

If you would like to share your profession with other students, please fill out the parent questionnaire.

Explore Careers

Pictionary Directions- Grab a pencil and paper. Choose the person who is drawing first. When you are ready to start the game, the person drawing will deal a new clue and not allow anyone else to see it. Draw the clue without speaking. The first person to guess the clue correctly, gets to deal the next card and be the artist.

The Future Me
Parent Questionnaire

Would you like to be highlighted here? Email a photo of your family participating in this Title 1 family event, your favorite drawing from Pictionary, a photo of a family member in their work uniform or at their place of business, or your "When I grow up" print-out.

Email all submissions to

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Every Student will be receiving a free book!

The book cart will visit classrooms when we return to in-person learning.