Are you ready to do your own digital break out project with your class? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Pick a subject.
  2. Find an existing digital breakout you can have your students explore to see how they work. Check out these examples in the sandbox.
  3. Divide students into teams of 2-3.
  4. Update planning template as needed.
  5. Note: If your students have access to google apps, they can do the following, otherwise, you will need to set this up for them.
  6. Share your version of the planning template with students to make their own copy. If your students don't have access to google docs, you can set up a planning doc for each team with share setting set to "Anyone with a link can edit" and then share that link with student team. See example here.
  7. Create a google form to code your locks. Check out this tutorial to see how this is done.
  8. Don’t forget to update the ending for your breakout in the form. Select Settings -> Presentation -> copy ending into Confirmation message.
  9. Create a google site to share digital breakout. Check out this tutorial if you are new to google sites.
  10. Insert Text box and copy story in.
  11. Create hyperlinks for web-based clues in story.
  12. Scroll down to Forms and insert your google form.
  13. Publish your site & test!