Tuition(Scholarship)・Part-time job Support


We have many special scholarships prepared that are limited to foreign students.
We have many special scholarships prepared that are limited to foreign students.【Scholarship A】Enrollment Fee Full Exemption+Full Tuition Exemption (for the first year)【Scholarship B】Enrollment Fee Full Exemption+Partial Tuition Exemption (up to 300,000 yen exemption for the first year)【Special Scholarships for Foreign Students】100,000 yen exemption on Admission Fee(All enrolled students)
※In addition, the tuition payment system, deferral system, and introduction of part-time jobs have also been enhanced! (payment installations are divided into 4 payments for the 1-year course, and 8-9 payments for the two-year course).

Part-time job Support

We at Taiwa Gakuen assist students in applying to part-time jobs.

Examples of part-time job opportunities

  • Joytel Staff(Lodging facility)
  • Café ran Zan(Café)
  • Inoda Coffee(Café)
  • “Washoku Sato,” Saga Location(Japanese restaurant)
  • Taisho HANANA(Taichazuke restaurant)
  • Minokichi(Japanese-style restaurant)
  • Kumahiko(Japanese-style restaurant)
  • Tankuma Kitamise(Japanese cuisine)
  • Kikuya Komai(Japanese cuisine)
  • Grace Saison(Western-style confectionery)
  • Tsuruya Yoshinobu(Japanese confectionery)
  • Kameya Yoshinaga(Japanese confectionery)
  • Matsui Ryokan(Ryokan (Japanese Inn))
  • Kyoto Brighton Hotel(Hotel)
  • Kyoto Hotel Okura(Hotel)
  • The Westin Miyako Kyoto(Hotel)
  • JR-Central Passengers(Travel)