Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College

Learn confectionary in Kyoto, a historical town with many long-established confectioneries that have continued for hundreds of years! Learn the intricate and beautiful craft and heart unique to Japan in Kyoto.

Program Introductions

Advanced Japanese Confections Program

2 years
In addition to producing a variety of Japanese sweets, you will learn the Japanese spirit, andthe “tradition” and “culture” of Japaneseconfectionary at its capital, Kyoto.

Advanced Patisserie/Chocolatier Program

2 yearsName change from Advanced Patisserie Program in April 2022
As well as cakes and chocolates, learn the techniques to make high-grade craft cakes. Aimto be a pastry chef who can work in a wide range of fields such as specialty shops, hotels, etc.

Advanced Café Confections Program

2 years
Drinks and assorted sweets, cafe food and service! In addition to the basic skills of confectionary, you will learn everythingabout cafe management.

Advanced Bread Program

2 years
Learn everything about bread, including ingredient and method for making bread, from standard ones to ones from around the world! Refine your skills with professional equipment, and aim to be a top class artisan baker.

Confectionery Arts Program

1 yearInternational Students CourseConfectionery Hygiene Master License Course
Acquire the knowledge and skills to go pro inthe shor t time of a year. Acquire a firmunderstanding of the basic techniquesrequired in the field.
・International Students Course・Confectionery Hygiene Master License Course are scheduled to be established in April 2022.


SHOP & CAFE Practical Training

A popular shop that has people lined up will open on the new campus!Each 2-year program carries out “SHOP & CAFE practice” where sweetsand breads made during the 2nd year are provided and sold. Understandthe entire process of store operation, from production to sales andservice, and cultivate applied knowledge.

Makes working in Japan possible after graduation!

The scope of careers has expanded,with a new “Specified Skills (Food Service Industry, Food and Beverage Manufactur ing Indus t r y)” and “Designated Activities (Japanese Food Culture Human Resource Development Program)” resident statuses!

national competition!

Of course, students of Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College would never pass on the chance to compete in the national competition of confectionery-making held for all students around Japan! Four students participated in the competition in 2019 and the school is very proud of everyone’s hustle!

Enrollment Qualifications

(1)Educational RequirementsMust have foreign nationality and have completed or be expected to complete 12 years of school education in a foreign country by the end of March 2022. However, if you are from a country (or region) with an educational system that requires less than 12 years, then you must complete or be expecting to complete a preparatory curriculum in Japan.
(2)Japanese AbilityThose with one of the following qualifications1.Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N2 or higher2.Those who scored 200 or higher on the Japanese language subject test (excluding writing) of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)3.Those who scored 420 or higher on the Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT)4.Those who have attained Japanese language education for 6 months or longer (as of March 2022) at a Japanese language school designated by the Ministry of Justice AND can prove Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level N2 or higher based on the JPT, J.TEST, NAT-TEST, or a Japanese language proficiency certificate from a Japanese language school


(yen)Two-year Programs         1st Year   2nd Year
  • Enrollment fee    150,000
  • Facility and equipment maintenance fee 220,000    220,000
  • Tuition 770,000    820,000
  • Learning materials 540,000     740,000
  • Total 1,680,000   1,780,000
(yen)Confectionery Arts Program【Confectionery Hygiene Master License Course】
  • Enrollment fee    150,000
  • Facility and equipment maintenance fee  220,000
  • Tuition 870,000
  • Learning materials 650,000
  • Total 1,890,000
(yen)Confectionery Arts Program【 International Students Course】
  • Enrollment fee    150,000
  • Facility and equipment maintenance fee  220,000
  • Tuition 820,000
  • Learning materials 650,000
  • Total 1,840,000
※Please see Admission Guide for details on tuition and scholarships.


We have many special scholarships prepared that are limited to foreign students.【Scholarship A】Enrollment Fee Full Exemption+Full Tuition Exemption (for the first year)【Scholarship B】Enrollment Fee Full Exemption+Partial Tuition Exemption (up to 300,000 yen exemption for the first year)【Special Scholarships for Foreign Students】100,000 yen exemption on Admission Fee(All enrolled students)


Certifications to be Obtained

■Confectionery Hygiene Master License(eligibility requirements for an examination)Certified confectionery maker (*only for students of 2-year programs),Certified baker (*only for students of 2-year programs)

Potential Certifications

Customer service proficiency test Test in gift wrapping, and more

After graduation

100% Employment Rate for International Students in Japan!

The scope of careers has expanded,with a new “Specified Skills (FoodService Industry, Food and Beverage Manufactur ing Indus t r y)” and “Designated Activities (Japanese Food Culture Human Resource DevelopmentProgram)” resident statuses!


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Open Campus Event

Join Our Open Campus Event!

Learn all about the school in a single day! Plenty of fun events each time you visit!When it comes to understanding the curriculum, job opportunities, facilities, atmosphere, teachers and student body,nothing beats seeing with your own eyes, hearing with your own ears, and experiencing it all for yourself. After the event, let’s take a stroll around Kyoto!

I want to know more about the school!

School IntroductionWe’ll introduce details about the curriculum,obtainable certifications, employment opportunities, and so on. We’ll also give you some tips for the entrance examination.

What are the facilities like?

Campus TourSee our latest facilities and amenities and get a feel for the school atmosphere.

I want to try an actual lesson!

Training SessionLook, listen, cook, eat, and have lots of fun! Enjoy a seminar with the same instructors and facilitiesas actual students. You’ll have plenty of chances to interact with students, too!

I have so many questions!

Individual Advising SessionsInstructors and advisors will be on hand to address any questions or concerns you have about the entrance exam,tuition,employment, part-time jobs, and so on. We provideindividual consultations, so feel free to say whatever’s on your mind. You’re sure to feel better afterward.