For International Students

A school with over 90 years of history

We are a general education and research institute that presents the education necessary for work and real life in the fields of “nutrition, medical care, welfare, cooking, confectionery production, baking, food education, hotel, bridal, and tourism."

【Certified by the Governor of Kyoto】

【member of General Incorporated Association of Vocational Schools of Kyoto】

【Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau selected all four Taiwa Gakuen Group schools as "Appropriate Schools".】

Chef (Japanese, French, Italian Cuisines)
Confectionary hygienist(Japanese confectionary,Western confectionary, cafe, bread)
National Registered Dietician, Dietician,Medical Officer Administration, Medical Secretary, Health Information Manager

Only International students

Kyoto College of Hotel, Tourism & Bridal Management

Hospitality Business Program

Learn hospitality in the International Cultural Tourism Capital “Kyoto”

  • A unique curriculum to equip you with the firepower to work

  • A rich learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment

  • Student-run Restaurants,Shop/Cafes,School Lunches, etc.

TAIWA RestaurantAvenue  Restaurant Carriere

Taiwa Gakuen's comprehensive supporting system!

Even if it's your first time studying abroad, you will feel very relieved.


Scholarships are limited for international students.

Housing Support

Taiwa Gakuen provides housing support for international students.

Employment・Part-time job Support

Want to work in Japan?

We will try our best to realize your dream.

International Student Advisor

Each school has an international student advisor.

Through regular interviews, we will give you strong support from admission to graduation.

We have implemented comprehensive preventive actions against Novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Each school of Taiwa Gakuen has taken preventive measures against Novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Considering the educational effects and subject characteristics, in addition to the effective combination of face-to-face courses and distance education course, we also installed temperature measuring equipment at the entrance so as to conduct daily health checks, hand washing and disinfection.