St. Louis Kindergarten Class Website

Live for Jesus, Love Others, Learn

Our Kindergarten Team

We might be biased, but believe we are the best Kindergarten team around!! We truly believe a good friendship at work can make the difference between thriving and getting burned out.

You will find that we are often twinning!!

Why St. Louis Kindergarten?

*Instill Catholic Faith Values- Students will grow in their faith while learning and practicing prayers

*Teachers in grades K-2 know each student. We are truly a family at St. Louis.

* Students experience Reading with Mrs. Konradi and switch classes to focus on Math with Mrs. Farmer

*Each week, students will have the opportunity to have the following afternoon lessons in Religion, Technology, Character Education, Science and Social Studies

*Play-based exploration during reading and math stations

*STEM learning

*eLearning Days to replace snow days

*Music, Library, P.E., Spanish, and Art Specials

*Batesville Community School Corporation bus service provided

~May you find joy in knowing your child is beloved and wholly-cared for by teachers and staff at St. Louis.~

Kindergarten Schedule

· 8:05 – 8:30- Phonics

· 8:15 - 9:35 Math/Reading Block

· 9:35- Brain Break

· 9:40-10:45- Math/Reading Block (Class Rotation)

*Recess will be in morning for first two months*

· 10:50-12:00 Lunch/Recess

· 12:00 – 12:20 Calendar

· 12:24 - 1:14 - Specials (Spanish, Gym, Music, Art, Library)

· 1:15- 1:50 - Snack and Recess

· 2:00 - 2:20 - Writing

· 2:20 - 2:50 - Varied (Religion, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Character Ed.)

· 2:50 - 3:00 - Prepare for dismissal

Classroom Rules

We have our students state these rules daily so they know expectations in our classrooms. They absolutely love it and especially enjoy being the teacher leading the class with the rules.

Morning Prayer 2019-2020

Eternal Father, who sent your Son to save us from our sins, thank you for blessing us every day! Please help us to always reflect your kindness and mercy. Forgive us when we fail and inspire us to do our best with your help and guidance. In your good and holy name, we pray. Amen

Written by: Megan Batta, Sady Hirt, Ella Moster, and Hannah Wells