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St. Louis Preschool

Here we greet each day with enthusiasm

There is no greater joy than seeing the wonder in a child's eyes as they make a new discovery. At St. Louis Preschool, everyday is filled with adventure as we build, dream and explore in an environment designed to encourage each child's natural curiosity.

Here, we greet each day with enthusiasm, knowing God's deep love for us. Our faith-based program helps children develop a strong sense of compassion, rooted in kindness and social responsibility. A well-organized and clearly defined environment encourages strong character and fosters independence.


Early Learner Program

(for children ages 3 to 4)

Tuesday and Thursdays AM, 7:45-10:45

Pre-K Kindergarten Readiness Program

(for children ages 4 to 5)

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays AM, 7:45-10:45

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays PM, 12:00-3:00

Future World Changers

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