Welcome to Room 201

Live for Jesus, Love Others, Learn


Monday: Music (Mrs. Pedersen)

Tuesday: Gym (Ms. Trenkamp)

Wednesday: Reading Resource (Mrs. Frey)

Thursday: Spanish (Mrs. Brooks)

Friday: Art (Mrs. Frey)

Our Schedule

8:00-8:55 Mass/Religion

8:55-9:45 Science

9:45-10:00 Snack

10:00-10:40 History

10:40-11:29 Special

11:29-12:22 Reading

12:22-1:10 Lunch/Recess

1:10-2:02 Math

2:02-2:52 English


Mass: Wednesday-all school

Thursday-grades 1-5

ALP - Wednesday 9:45

Snack-daily at 9:45

(Snacks are purchased from the Cardinal Cafe. Students may bring fresh fruits or vegetables.)

2018-2019 Morning Prayer

Almighty God, creator of all good things, thank you for the lives that you have given us. Thank you for our friends, family, and school. Help us throughout the day so we may do great things for you and all of your kingdom. Lord we praise you, we thank you, and we love you. In your name, we pray. Amen

Cael Rahe, Luke Meyer, Peyton Ditmer, Conner Ertel, and Jack Hollins

Our Classes

RELIGION: Students will receive a Religion book that will be kept at school. A test will be given over each chapter. Students will record test dates in their assignment books and be reminded to take their books home to study. Study the highlighted information.

HISTORY: The Indiana History book is divided into four chapters, but I have divided each chapter into two. Students will be informed a week prior to each of the eight tests. Test will cover notes students record in their notebook. They do not need to study from their books for the tests.

ENGLISH: We will learn and review grammar skills and complete various writing assignments. Each day students will complete a daily oral language lesson (DOL) and a 3-minute writing activity. We use 6 Traits writing. The textbooks for grammar and writing will be kept at school and sent home before tests for studying.

SCIENCE: Mrs. Hollins teaches all of the Science classes for 4th grade.

MATH: Students will have either Mrs. Weigel, Mrs. Hollins, or Ms. Ratcliffe for math class.

READING/SPELLING: Students will have either Mrs. Weigel, Mrs. Hollins, or Ms. Ratcliffe for Reading and Spelling class.


We use DOJO minutes for discipline. Students serve minutes at recess on Friday.

iPads not brought to school -10 minutes

iPads not charged or that arrive to school late -5 minutes

headphones-3 minutes

Incomplete morning DOL- 5 minutes


O- 0-2 DOJOs S - 3-9 DOJOs NI- 10-18 DOJOs U- 19+ DOJOs