take a look

Getting our apples ready for applesauce.

Making apple bracelets

Peeling apples to go in the slow cooker

Coloring apples and drawing seeds.

Entering data in our science journals

Apple fun centers!

Tasting our applesauce!

Our First Pep Rally

Getting ready to cheer!

Thank you

Concord Fire Department!

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt!

Seeking out some good looking leaves.

Look what I found!

Check out the different colors.

Carefully putting our findings in a bag.


Happy Halloween!

Our 6th graders helped us have fun at the Halloween Carnival!

Dancing with Related Arts Teachers!

Check out our hats!

Matching shoes!

I'm seeing double!

Welcome Families!

Which pumpkin has more seeds?

Recording our findings.

Coloring a pumpkin patch.

Picking out the seeds!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Making butter.

All dressed up for our feast !

Leading prayer

Sharing a meal with our friends

Eating our homemade butter and "pumpkin pie"

Turkeys gone wild!

Enjoying the day

Resting with the a pilgrim movie



Santa Shop!

He's going to love it!

Selecting the perfect wrapping.

Making a craft with 6th grade buddies.

Enjoy a snack!

All smiles!

Santa Fun: We were pretending to be little elves today and learning about 3D shapes. We wrapped rectangular prisms and placed then under of tree, made snowmen out of spheres and candy sticks that are the shape of cylinders! Looks like Santa's workshop....

Pajama Day!

Singing Santa Shark

Playing games

Watching a movie in our PJs

Future surgeons playing Operation

Candy Land fun

Morning meeting

So happy we are not in uniforms!

School Christmas Concert

Class Christmas Party.....Thank you moms!