Miss Boucher -

Welcome to Phys. Ed.!

The mission of the St. Gabriel School Physical Education Program is to provide a successful movement experience for all children. Games and activities are selected from a wide variety of offerings for children in grades Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8. Participation in the physical education curriculum will allow students to have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and habits necessary to develop personal physical fitness and lifetime wellness values. Students will also acquire appropriate physical skills to participate in a wide range of physical activities and specialized sports. Most importantly the St. Gabriel student will grow to be a compassionate person who practices good health habits, and is a critical thinker who is respectful of the talents and abilities of others.

Students in grades 1-8 have Physical Education class once a week. Classes are 40 minutes.

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergartner students have Physical Education class once a week. Classes are 30 minutes.

Students are required to wear the designated PE uniform and have safe clean tennis shoes. These shoes can be worn outside of PE.


Monday - 5th-209, 6th-207, 8-Mrs. Oster, 1st-106, 4th-212

Tuesday - 3rd-203, 6th-310, K-101, 2nd-107, 4th-205

Wednesday - 3rd-202, 6th-208, K-102, 1st-105, 2nd-109

Thursday - 5th-206, 7th- Mrs. Loncar, 8th Mr. Butler, K-103, 2nd-108, 4th-204

Friday - 5th-211, 3rd-201, 7th-Mrs. Paskey, 8th-Mrs. LaSpina, Jr K, 1st-104