Welcome Back 2022-2023

It is so exciting to see all the students back on campus. I am also excited because students will now be coming into the library - in person - to check out books. It has been such a long time. Students may still use Destiny Discovery to find a book, but, rather than get delivered to them, they will be here to check them out.

AR Quizzes

AR quizzes will be taken at school. The library is open in the morning for 15 minutes before school. But, as your class comes in, you may take the quiz in the library. You may also take the quiz in class, as time allows.

Building a Reader At Home

Have books at home, but your child isn't interested in them? Your child doesn't want to do anything but play video games, but you want the to read a book? I have a small list of how to go about getting your child to read:

Explore Books

Give your child an opportunity to explore books. Visit a bookstore or a library. This gives your child a chance to find topics and books that interest them. This is the first and very important step. Do it together. You may find yourself looking at books and subjects that are new to you.

Read! Read! Read!

Be sure to read for at least 30 minutes per day. Students can read aloud to an adult, independently, or back and forth with a partner