Mr. McKee's 3rd Grade Class '17-18



  • Today we watched a music video from the band OK GO and had a discussion about the simple machines that were used to set off a chain reaction. The video we watched ("This Too Shall Pass") as well as many others can be found at All are linked to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) topics and have great explanatory videos to support learning!


  • The Talent Show is tomorrow at 1:45 in the gym. Look for an email coming soon from Mrs. Pombo with further details! All parents and family members are welcome to come enjoy the show, even if your child isn't performing!


  • Spelling and Rowley test tomorrow!
  • Spellathon pledges are due tomorrow


  • Tomorrow is a noon release day
  • We will also be going to adoration, please dress in mass attire


  • Tomorrow is an early release day and the final day before Easter Break!
  • Tonight's homework involves logging into Sumdog. Students wrote down their username and passwords but I don't think everyone wrote down the "School code". It is: st-bernard
  • We are taking a comprehension quiz over Tops and Bottoms (the text we are reading in our reading books) tomorrow


  • There are no Spelling words this week
  • Rowley Test will be on Thursday!


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are tomorrow! Excited to see everyone!
  • We have 2 tests on Thursday
    • Science - Unit 3
      • A study guide has been completed and sent home with the students
    • Religion - Chapter 9
      • The practice test we took and corrected in class is a good place to start studying
      • Know the Key Words for each lesson too!


Time is running out, order your yearbook online now...

  • Last day to order is March 23. Supply is limited. After this date, we cannot guarantee yearbook availability.
  • Yearbook Cost: $40.00
  • Order Online at with Yearbook ID Code: 10117418


  • Tomorrow is Spring Picture Day!


  • Happy International Women's Day! Tonight's homework involves interviewing a woman over the age of 16. This can be a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, a neighbor, an extra friendly waitress, or any other woman in the world! If you want to interview a family member or friend from another country, that would be awesome!
  • Spelling and Rowley Test tomorrow!



  • Apologies for not updating the site recently! I will be updating daily again.


  • Upcoming tests:
    • Tues., 2/6 - Religion Chapter 8
    • Fri., 2/9 - Rowley, Spelling
    • Tues., 2/13 - Math (Division 0-5)
  • Field Trip on this Wednesday! Please double check the email I sent on Friday for more information


  • Happy Student Appreciation Day! Today, homework is to read for 20 minutes. Check out for interesting articles at different reading levels. The first time I logged on, I spent an hour going down the rabbit hole of "related stories". I bet you and your child will experience something similar!
    • Username: McKeeA1
    • Password: Student1 (capital S)



  • First Reconciliation is NEXT WEEK!! In the homework folders sent home this weekend is a packet with information to go over with your child during the weekend. Please help them prepare to receive one of the Sacraments!


  • We go to the Library tomorrow as a class, please bring your library book to return it or renew it!


  • I forgot to give the Spelling Pretest today. Therefore, we will not have a Spelling Test this week.


  • Enjoy a nice, long weekend! Talk with your child about Martin Luther King, Jr. and help them understand the important role he played in American History and why we have a holiday to honor him.


  • At the meeting the teachers had yesterday with the rest of the teachers throughout the diocese, I heard something that I wanted to share. If a child reads for 21 minutes a day, every day, they will read over 2 million words in a year. If a child reads for 21 minutes a day, every day, from 6th grade to 12th grade, they WILL be in the 90th percentile for their grade which means they are significantly more likely to not only be accepted to colleges and universities, but to also receive scholarships to attend college/university! We may be in the 3rd grade right now but if you start reading with your child for the 20 minutes now, then they're going to be well ahead of the reading curve! These books should be comfortable books though, books that can help them enjoy reading. Read a comic book with them, read the ingredients and instructions from a cook book, read the newspaper, read the back of the cereal box, read whatever you can find with them and show how much fun it is to read things! If they are struggling with reading and don't like to read, praise them for their effort rather than what they have done. Praise them for trying to read something and always use the word "yet". The power of "yet" is amazing! "I can't read this book" becomes "I can't read this book, yet". "I'm not good enough at math to solve this" becomes "I'm not good enough at math to solve this, yet". It shows that they have the ability to get there and that they will get there eventually!
  • Spelling Test and Rowley Test are tomorrow!


  • Welcome back! We are doing a project on heroes/role models in preparation for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day next Monday. The assignment for tonight is to research about someone they consider a hero and explain why. There is a picture part that can be either hand drawn or printed out. We will be presenting some of these in class!


  • I am excited to see everyone at the Christmas Program tomorrow night! Come to the 3rd grade room at 6:30 dressed in your Christmas best for the show! (Christmas best optional for parents, we don't want to outshine the real stars of the night!)


  • Because this week is so short and wonky, we will have very little homework and half as many spelling words. There is still a Math quiz on Wednesday and tomorrow's homework will be a worksheet to prepare for it. On Thursday morning will be a spelling test over the 9 words.


  • As I'm sure many of you heard as soon as your child got in the car, 3rd grade took home the Spirit Stick for the 2nd time in a row today!! We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how 'bout you?!?


  • Social Studies Unit Test tomorrow. Some students were able to finish the study guide in class, but I fear they may have rushed through it. Please double-check with them if you can!


  • Social Studies Test tomorrow. The only parts of the test not on the study guide are about picture graphs. We've looked over picture graphs before but it might need a refresher!


  • Social Studies test has been pushed to Friday.


  • The Social Studies homework tonight requires the students to think outside of the box. Please encourage them to be creative!
  • Tomorrow we have P.E. Please bring shoes to exercise in!
  • I added a resource to the "Resources" tab. It has to do with times tables and practicing multiplication!


  • Tomorrow I am leaving for a retreat and will be gone Thursday and Friday. Nan Speaker will be filling in for me. I will not be responding to emails over the weekend because of the retreat, but I will get back any questions as soon as I can!


  • Progress reports were sent out today! Some may be happy, some may be worried. If you would like to set up a meeting with me or would like to understand why a grade is the way it is, send me an email


  • There is a prayer service tomorrow, please wear attire for mass!
  • Tomorrow is also our tests in Religion and Math!


  • Check your email for an update about tests this week!
  • Students who bring in a turkey or $15 for the food drive by Wednesday morning can wear their favorite jersey with school pants on Wednesday
    • Please continue to bring in Box Tops, canned vegetables, and cranberry sauce!
  • Progress reports will be going home on Thursday


  • No school on Friday to celebrate Veteran's Day and those that serve to protect our country
    • Rowley computation test and Spelling test moved to Thursday
  • Bring in baby bottles tomorrow (Tuesday)! Keep bringing in cans for Thanksgiving food drive!


  • Spelling test and Rowley test tomorrow!
    • Spelling words have been added to "What We're Learning"


  • Religion test over Chapter 4 tomorrow!


  • Math test tomorrow over regrouping in subtraction problems
  • Religion test moved to Thursday
  • Happy Halloween!!


  • Test in Social Studies tomorrow over Chapter 1!


  • Respect Life posters are due tomorrow!
  • The Book Fair starts on Wednesday and is open from 9 AM - 7:30 PM. On Thursday and Friday it is open from 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
  • There are no Spelling words because of the shortened week
  • Upcoming Tests:
    • Friday - Social Studies: Chapter 1; Rowley Computation
    • Next Wednesday (11/1) - Math: Subtraction using Regrouping; Religion: Chapter 4


  • Sorry for not updating recently! The homework for tonight has been posted


  • Conference times for Parent Teacher Conferences went home today. If you have a scheduling conflict, please contact the front office (209) 835-8018


  • Our first parent meeting for First Reconciliation is TONIGHT at 6:30 PM!


  • Wednesday (10/11) is a short day! School ends at NOON (12PM)! There is no lunch on Wed.


  • Have a great weekend!
  • Religion Test on Tuesday
  • With the end of the quarter coming up next Friday, there will be time for make-up work in class next week but some stuff will need to come home or be studied at home. The information in class will be largely review as students make-up assignments and study for unit tests


  • I have sent an email regarding the homework to clear up confusion


  • Rowley and Spelling tests tomorrow in the morning before our fun Math activity


  • Please continue to bring in donations for the Stanford Children's Hospital! Our class is collecting for a "Baby Bag" so please send in items fit for a baby.
  • We are collecting Box Tops as well!


  • Mass tomorrow, please wear the correct clothes!
  • We are collecting donations to benefit the Catholic schools hurting from Hurricane Harvey. Please consider donating a dollar or two by sending it in with your student!
  • Spelling test and Rowley test are tomorrow


  • Religion test tomorrow over chapter 2 (pgs. 32-39)


  • Tomorrow is an early release day because of the Fall Festival!
  • Report cards went out today, please sign the slip in the homework folder once you have looked over it


  • Tomorrow we visit the library, please bring any library books to return or renew!
  • We received some Fall Festival tokens today in class, please have your student leave them at home tomorrow. If they get lost during the school day, I'm sure they will be upset!


  • Next week is T-shirt week!


  • There is no homework today, we will have time to study for the Religion test in the morning
  • Spelling words for the week have been posted under "What We're Learning"


  • Get a good night's sleep for the test tomorrow!
  • Friday is the last day for grades before progress reports go out
  • I have "assigned" new articles on NewsELA. These are just articles I recommend, they are not actual assignments but are over interesting topics and can be used a starting place to find something to read
  • Let me know what questions you have!


  • Hope the long weekend was relaxing! We're jumping back in tomorrow with a gusto! Be ready for:
    • Crafting proper sentences
    • The thousands place and rounding numbers
    • Family Life
    • Religion: on Thursday (9/7) on the early life of Jesus and the Rosary
    • Math: on Wednesday (9/6) on Ones, Tens, & Hundreds place-values, comparing numbers, and finding patterns in number sets


  • Watch out! With the poor air quality and high heat, a lot of kids (and Mr. McKees) are coming in with sore/scratchy throats. Remember to drink lots of fluids at home and get some vitamins!
  • Sorry for the absence of posts, I'll be putting up everything from this week today!
  • NO SCHOOL THIS FRIDAY, 09/01/2017
  • School T-Shirt day tomorrow, 08/31/2017
    • Uniform pants or shorts must be worn
  • Rowley Math tests will be taken tomorrow


  • There is mass tomorrow, please wear the correct attire!
    • Boys: pants
    • Girls: jumpers or skirts
  • Final day for AR tests for the AR assembly is Sept. 7th


  • We got to look at the eclipse today through a telescope with a filter on it! What a special day!
    • This took up a good chunk of our day so there is no homework today
  • Tomorrow we have P.E. so wear shoes that you can run in. We do not change clothes for P.E. until the 4th grade.


  • What a great first week! We've done a whole lot this week, including a math game called Around the World, working on Sustained Silent Reading (S.S.R.), and an activity called I See, I Think, I Wonder. Ask your child to explain them and maybe try them out at home!
  • Have a great weekend and remember to read something!
    • Checkout NewsELA on the resources page for a great place to get news articles on current events written for various reading levels


  • Sorry for the absence of posts/updates! Still trying to get into the routine of the school day.
  • Read for 15 minutes a night. Many students are checking books out from the classroom library to bring home and read!
  • Reminder to sign up for Class Dojo, there are still a few parents that are not registered. I posted a few pictures from today's work!
    • All pictures in Class Dojo are only available to the parents invited to join my classroom but if you wish for your child to not be in the photos, please let me know and I can remove it and refrain from posting any pictures with them in it.


  • Return forms from Back to School Night
  • Forms for Class Dojo will be going home on Monday


  • First day of 3rd grade!

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