Mr. McKee's 3rd Grade Class '17-18



  • Mass tomorrow, please wear the correct clothes!
  • We are collecting donations to benefit the Catholic schools hurting from Hurricane Harvey. Please consider donating a dollar or two by sending it in with your student!
  • Spelling test and Rowley test are tomorrow


  • Religion test tomorrow over chapter 2 (pgs. 32-39)


  • Tomorrow is an early release day because of the Fall Festival!
  • Report cards went out today, please sign the slip in the homework folder once you have looked over it


  • Tomorrow we visit the library, please bring any library books to return or renew!
  • We received some Fall Festival tokens today in class, please have your student leave them at home tomorrow. If they get lost during the school day, I'm sure they will be upset!


  • Next week is T-shirt week!


  • There is no homework today, we will have time to study for the Religion test in the morning
  • Spelling words for the week have been posted under "What We're Learning"


  • Get a good night's sleep for the test tomorrow!
  • Friday is the last day for grades before progress reports go out
  • I have "assigned" new articles on NewsELA. These are just articles I recommend, they are not actual assignments but are over interesting topics and can be used a starting place to find something to read
  • Let me know what questions you have!


  • Hope the long weekend was relaxing! We're jumping back in tomorrow with a gusto! Be ready for:
    • Crafting proper sentences
    • The thousands place and rounding numbers
    • Family Life
    • Religion: on Thursday (9/7) on the early life of Jesus and the Rosary
    • Math: on Wednesday (9/6) on Ones, Tens, & Hundreds place-values, comparing numbers, and finding patterns in number sets


  • Watch out! With the poor air quality and high heat, a lot of kids (and Mr. McKees) are coming in with sore/scratchy throats. Remember to drink lots of fluids at home and get some vitamins!
  • Sorry for the absence of posts, I'll be putting up everything from this week today!
  • NO SCHOOL THIS FRIDAY, 09/01/2017
  • School T-Shirt day tomorrow, 08/31/2017
    • Uniform pants or shorts must be worn
  • Rowley Math tests will be taken tomorrow


  • There is mass tomorrow, please wear the correct attire!
    • Boys: pants
    • Girls: jumpers or skirts
  • Final day for AR tests for the AR assembly is Sept. 7th


  • We got to look at the eclipse today through a telescope with a filter on it! What a special day!
    • This took up a good chunk of our day so there is no homework today
  • Tomorrow we have P.E. so wear shoes that you can run in. We do not change clothes for P.E. until the 4th grade.


  • What a great first week! We've done a whole lot this week, including a math game called Around the World, working on Sustained Silent Reading (S.S.R.), and an activity called I See, I Think, I Wonder. Ask your child to explain them and maybe try them out at home!
  • Have a great weekend and remember to read something!
    • Checkout NewsELA on the resources page for a great place to get news articles on current events written for various reading levels


  • Sorry for the absence of posts/updates! Still trying to get into the routine of the school day.
  • Read for 15 minutes a night. Many students are checking books out from the classroom library to bring home and read!
  • Reminder to sign up for Class Dojo, there are still a few parents that are not registered. I posted a few pictures from today's work!
    • All pictures in Class Dojo are only available to the parents invited to join my classroom but if you wish for your child to not be in the photos, please let me know and I can remove it and refrain from posting any pictures with them in it.


  • Return forms from Back to School Night
  • Forms for Class Dojo will be going home on Monday


  • First day of 3rd grade!

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My name is Mr. McKee and I'll be the 3rd grade teacher this year! I am originally from just outside of Nashville, TN and went to college at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO and am now attending the University of Notre Dame in the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) program. I'm an avid hockey fan (go Predators!), soccer fan, dancer, and explorer. When I'm not teaching, I can be found on a hike or bike-ride, completing a crossword puzzle, in front my bathroom mirror dancing to the radio, or relaxing with my ACE housemates.

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My housemates and I on our first day of classes this past summer!

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