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Middle School Theatre at St. Stephen's Episcopal School is a dual-faceted program. The classroom component covers the basics of theatre performance and technology, while the extra-curricular offerings (3 productions a year) go more in depth and focus on the process of rehearsing a play as well as performing it.

The plays we produce each year, under the name D.I.G. Theatre Company, typically take the form of a musical in the Fall, a "straight" play in the Winter, and a Shakespeare in the Spring. Rehearsals take place after school and students who are also playing on a sports team are simply asked to get to rehearsal as soon as they can once their practice is done. Participation is voluntary and all skill levels and levels of experience are encouraged to audition or sign up to work the technical crew for the shows. We will find something for you to work on!

For our 6th and 7th grade rotation fine arts classes, students undertake projects and exercises related to voice, movement, improvisation, design, theatre technology (lights, audio, costumes, set design), and collaborative play writing over their 12-week term. The final group project, a 2-minute lip-synch performance, is meant to be a culmination of these topics.

In our 8th grade class, students will have an entire school year to dive deeper into each of the elements they have already covered in their 6th or 7th grade fine arts rotation class. Their culminating project is a short series of originally written plays which they have cast, costumed, designed, directed, and produced as part of the 8th grade fine arts showcase.

More information on the classes, rehearsal schedule, or shows in general can be found on the DIG blog:

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6th/7th Grade Theatre Syllabus
8th Grade Theatre Syllabus


Audition Parent Letter 2016 DIG

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