Mason Cox Instructor Page 2019-2020

Here is a website providing basic information about my work as an instructor at St. Stephen's Episcopal School. It provides linked access only for my invited students to see assignments and due dates in Google Classroom. Parents can ask students to show them the assignments in student Google Classroom accounts. Go to Home above to open a menu listing class pages to select for History 10 , History 9 Transitional and History 10 Transitional. Note this website is designed for a standard PC monitor. If needed, find Google's formatting options for alternate hardware like a smart phone.

I think whatever mortals crave,

With impotent endeavor,

A wreath--a rank--a throne--a grave--

The world goes round forever;

I think that life is not too long,

And therefore I determine,

That many people read a song,

Who will not read a sermon.

-- from Winthrop Praed's The Chant of the Brazen Head, 1826

In 2019-2020 I am teaching History 10 Sections 2, 4 and 6, History 9 Transitional, and History 10 Transitional. Use Home above to open a menu for accessing more information about these classes. Dr. McLafferty is the History 10 course coordinator.



AUSTIN, TX 78746

The top image is from Takeuchi Seiho's Remnant of a Dream, 1940.