Global Connections

Global Connections (Grade 6)

Focusing on troubled spots in our world, students go on a journey. They explore causes of famine and examine the importance of water and education in struggling countries often through the eyes of a young person. Next, they tackle the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, grapple with child labor in Pakistan and conclude by studying solutions of Gandhi and Mandela. Current events play a significant role in the curriculum during class discussions with attention to identifying perspective and bias through assignments in the New York Times’ Upfront magazine for students. While reading the varied texts, students focus on note-taking skills and literary analysis. A major focus of the course is teaching students to develop a thesis and to defend it with well-chosen evidence. Each student completes an individual research project on a selected country, produces a monument with a hands-on and digital component, and celebrates at the Night of Nations dinner.

Course Syllabus

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