St.Stephen's Dance

Welcome to the St.Stephen's Dance department! There are so many ways that a dancer can be involved in the school's dance program; whether they are a beginner or an advanced dancer.

Deirdre Strand, Director of Dance

512 3271213 ext.237

Teaching at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School has given me an opportunity to open the door to

young people who want to learn how to express themselves through the power of dance.

Teaching dance in the middle school has inspired me to develop a syllabus that encourages

creativity in each student. The students are exposed to modern, jazz, and contemporary dance

styles and at the end of each term share these performances with their peers. Building

confidence and self esteem are very important to each student’s growth as a person and as an

St. Stephen’s vision is to help the students grow in body, mind and spirit and I feel that the

dance program has done that very thing for so many dancers. I am proud to see many of our

graduates gain acceptance to prestigious dance programs and companies knowing that their

initial experience was with my program. I often bring back alumni that have achieved their

professional dance goals and have them teach and choreograph on the current dancers. That

I make an effort to offer all kinds of dance so that the student can discover what they like and

how to pursue it more seriously. Granted, most students do not plan on becoming professional

dancers. They just want to have a positive experience and enjoy the class. It is important that I

leave the door open to anyone who wants to dance. All sizes and shapes, all ethnicities, and all

genders are welcome. I give everyone the opportunity to perform, whether they are a beginner

I am proud that serious dancers have the opportunities to study with guest artists of national and

international acclaim and that they can work/learn with these choreographers to gain more

insight into themselves as artists. I also the choreography classes because it is here that the

dancers are asked to delve deep inside their hearts and find their own voice of expression. It

makes me happy to see the pride that they develop in the work they create.

Educating the dancer to learn how the human body works in a holistic fashion, teaching

students how to make smart choices in nutrition, giving a comprehensive and versatile menu of

classes from which to choose and feeling free to express their love and passion of movement

are important and vital aspects to the art of dance.