Courses for 2019-2020.

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This website is slightly updated to adapt to our current situation. Basically, all courses and course information are handled through a Google Classroom site for each course. Please see the relevant Classroom for specific instructions.

This index page will close at the end of the summer and all information will be taken "inside" the new school information system.

Students have passwords, or, if they have trouble should contact me at

Course description (dated). All other (up-to-date) information is in Google Classroom.

Course information. All other information is in Google Classroom

Course description, assignment page, web links as before. There is also a Google Classroom in preparation to distribute and collect assignments.

The paper is underway and assignments and other materials are in Google Classroom. We will continue with Google Classroom for the remainder of the term.

Alas, Model United Nations, both at SSES and at UT have been canceled this spring.

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