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Hai Zheng Olefsky 郑海

Master Teaching Chair in Critical Language (2017-2021) and (2010-2013)

Associate Director of International Program

Coordinator of Chinese Language Studies

Member of Chinese Language Association of Secondary School-CLASS

Hai Zheng Olefsky 郑海


Phone: 512-327-1213 x 227

Chinese Language Students Claim Awards

Latest News:

Chinese VII independent studies student Kisara Moore, a member of the Class of 2017, was awarded second place honors at the 2017 U.S. National Chinese Speech Competition in Boston on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Moore was one of only nine national finalists in her level of the non-native speaker category. This is also the prestigious 12th "Chinese Bridge" Speech Contest for American high school students. For the final round of competition, Moore delivered a three-minute memorized Chinese speech titled “Chinese and me.” She also performed a traditional dance from the popular Chinese song “Fragrance of the Night.”

Kisara's other Chinese essay-"The most influential person" has been selected to be published in the US Chinese essay magazine-"Juhe", that is sponsored by the University of Iowa. It is the only magazine dedicated to the publication of fine Chinese essays in North America. The same essay also won the Gold Award at the 13th National CLASS Essay Contest (11/2016) and it is sponsored by the Chinese Language Association of Secondary School.

On the same day, Chinese III student Cameron Conyers, a junior day student at St. Stephen's, received the third place award in the 7th Annual North Texas Chinese Speech Contest and University of Texas-Dallas Confucius Institute Cup in Dallas. Conyers competed in the 9th-12th grade level, non-Chinese heritage student category.

Both students study Chinese with Hai Zheng Olefsky, Chinese language instructor and associate director of the International Program.

Congratulations to both Kisara Moore and Cameron Conyers! Our school community is extremely proud of you both!

On Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015, Chinese language students-11th grader, Kisara Moore won first place in the 14th Greater Houston Area Chinese Speech Competition (Non-Chinese/Non-Heritage Background high school Group).

With the support and help of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, this special event hosts are Chinese Civic Center in Houston, the University of Houston's Foreign Language Department and Chinese Language Teachers Association-Texas. The chair of the competition jury committee is Ms. Dong Siqi, who is the top Senior National Level Chinese Language Examiner from Beijing. Other judges include chair and professors from Houston area universities as well as TV anchors/announcers from Houston TV Channel 13 and China US Media.

There were a total of over 180 contestants for this prestigious speech contest in Houston. *Kisara Moore wrote and memorized her speech in Chinese titled: Keep on Keepin' On"

Our past winners from the Greater Houston Chinese Speech Contest competition include:

2013: First Place-Sarah Rogge’17; Second place-Catherine Orman’18

2012: Second place-*Anique Toscano’14

2011: First place-*Alesia Lujan-Hernandez’12

2010: Third place-*Gregory Lastrapes’14

2009: Second place-*Robbin Goodman’10; Honorable Mention-Alexandra Tully’10

2008: First place-*Adam Schlegel’09

*These students' Chinese essays have been selected and published in the US Chinese essay magazine-"JUHE", that is sponsored by the University of Iowa. It is the only magazine dedicated to the publication of fine Chinese essays in North America.

Chinese Language Student won International Award

Gregory Lastrapes’14 and his US Team No.1 won the 3rd place in the team competition and the 2nd place in the online popular voting contest for the 4th World Bridge Contest of Chinese Language Proficiency.

Gregory was the youngest contestant and was our school's co-vice presidents of the Chinese Language Culture Club.

He wrote and memorized a 500 word Chinese speech, “Chinese Rickshaw”.

For his Chinese culture talent, Gregory performed a Chinese Yunnan Folk Song on a traditional Chinese musical instrument- the Chinese bamboo flute.

He also performed Chinese Martial Arts, “Long Fists”, and was tested on his knowledge of China’s history and facts.

The Year of the Rat 2008 Celebrates Tenth Year of Our Mandarin Program

鼠年 - 庆祝圣斯蒂芬私立高中


本学校高中部有走读及住校生,美国和外国国际学生一共有四百多名。一九九七 年中文创办的时候,中文一只有四名学生。十年以后已经发展到年年有八十多名学中文的学生:中文一和中文二各两班,中文三,中文四各一班以及高级进修班。学生大部分都是美国孩子。“学而不厌,诲人不倦 ” – 孔子的论语激发了师生教授学习中文的积极性,“教学有法,教无定法 ” 的哲理是成功之道。

中文项目部主任 - 郑海

Lunar New Year Celebration


Middle School and Upper School Chapels

Performances at Helm include:

"Love of China" Dances, Chinese Song, Chinese Martial Arts-Kung Fu,

Chinese Yo Yo, Fashion and Costumes from Asia, and Dragon and Lion Dances

Lunch Quizzes and Prizes for the Chinese History and Facts

Chinese Buffet Dinner at 6PM at school Dining Hall

Popular Chopstick Contest with Awards after Dinner at 6:30PM


Asian American Cultural Center and Asian American Community Partnership

Asian American Cultural Center and Asian American Community Partnership presents a book award to a special St. Stephen’s student for his/her “Outstanding Community Service” to the Asian American Community. The award winner volunteers at Asian American Cultural Center for the Mid Autumn/Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Lunar New Year Celebration; and the Young Musicians Festival Competition and has made a valuable contribution to the Asian American Community.