Cosmopolitanism, Social Science Seminar

This Social Science Seminar is a trimester-long course introducing juniors and seniors to the cosmopolitan concept of being a citizen of the world. The seminar asks students to update the Western philosophy of cosmopolitanism to address today’s globalized world. In addition to writing three short papers, students do a group project about the school’s service-learning program and a term-long project on cosmopolitan friendship.

United States, Beginnings to 1900 (History 10)

The course United States, Beginnings to 1900 challenges students to examine problems in early American and nineteenth-century American history. Unit themes help students organize facts rather than simply memorize them randomly. The course is discussion-based with the goal of supporting students to develop and defend their own points of view orally and in writing. This is a year with lots of writing. Essays weigh 50 percent during the fall and winter terms and 60 percent during the spring term.

History 10 Fall 2016 slideshow.pptx
History 10 Winter 2016-17 slideshow.pptx

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