Mrs. Knavel's Web Site

Welcome to my Web site! My name is Mrs. Alexis Knavel and I am the Technology Teacher here at Saints Peter and Paul, A Catholic Community School. I am married with four children. I teach Pre-K 4 through 8th grade.

I have Pre-K 4 through 5th grade one day a week. I have 6th through 8th grades two days a week.

Here is a list of the topics we learn about in Computer class:

Younger grades (Pre-K 4 to 2nd)

  • Using
  • Using the Paint program
  • Using with grades Pre-K through 1st
  • Practicing how to use the keyboard, especially the home row keys
  • Kindergarten is introduced to Microsoft Word and uses the tools to learn typing skills
  • Kindergarten starts learning coding skills with in the spring
  • 1st grade continues the skills they started in Kindergarten with coding by using, which helps to build the foundation for being able to program a Dash robot
  • 2nd grade is introduced to PowerPoint and its tools

We are a Google school. Starting in 3rd grade, students all receive a Google account and begin learning the tools associated with Google.

Older grades (3rd to 8th)

  • Using Moby Max for Math, ELA, and Science
  • 3rd graders are introduced to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Classroom
  • Using Google Docs – practicing keyboarding skills and being able to use the tools associated with the program
  • Using Google Slides – expanding on their knowledge and adding new tools each year
  • Using Google Sheets to create spreadsheets
  • How to use search engines properly
  • How to do research in order to organize and write a research paper
  • How to use the Internet safely
  • Learning proper vocabulary terms for computer usage
  • Learning about the hardware and software systems that operate the computer
  • Practicing how to use the keyboard, especially the home row keys using
  • Learning how to code for Web sites (grades 6-8),, and

We follow the Technology Curriculum for the Diocese of Buffalo.

For more information on what this curriculum is comprised of, please visit their Web site: