Saints Peter and Paul School

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Enjoy the safe, summer fun!

NEW C.A.R.E.S. Phone Number: 484-999-4321

The list of teachers available for summer tutoring is on my Summer Tutoring Page. Summer Reading is on my Summer Reading page.

Saturday, July 20th-Do something nice for your parents!

Sunday, July 21st-Happy birthday to recent graduate, Katie Onderdonk, and third grade student, Jack Burrell.

Monday, July 22nd-Division facts practice today!

Tuesday, July 23rd-Happy birthday to fifth grade student, Travis Treacy.

Wednesday, July 24th-Happy birthday to fifth grade student, Bradley Wheeler, and seventh grade student, Ryan Ambrose.

Thursday, July 25th-Happy birthday to Kindergarten student, Macie Stritch.

Friday, July 26th-Happy birthday to eighth grade student, Colin Ottesen, and seventh grade student, Emily Laughlin.

Saturday, July 27th-Happy birthday to second grade student, Parker Clements.

Sunday, July 28th-Do not forget church this weekend!

Monday, July 29th-Happy birthday to PreK 3 student, Adaline Curesky.

Tuesday, July 30th-Happy birthday to seventh grade student, Brogan Kurtz.

Wednesday, July 31st-Happy birthday to third grade student, Carolyn Weichelt.

Thursday, August 1st-Happy birthday to third grade student, Lionel Praveen-Dhas.

This site will be active throughout the summer. Promotion Lists will be posted on my Handouts page on August 15th. School begins Wednesday, September 4th. It is a full day for Grades K to 8.

Congratulations to the seventh graders who qualified to take the Neumann Scholarship test this Fall. They scored a final Report Card general average of 92 or above and scored above 120 CSI on the Terra Nova OR above 90 in Total Score. Good luck!

Katia Daly, Elizabeth DiProspero, Delaney Hendrickson, Julia Jermyn, Nolan Kyle, Alexander Lemheney, Colin Ottesen, Matthew Seifried,

Yvonne Wagner, Patrick Wallace, Ryan Weir, and Meghan Willis.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

Will Aprahamian, Lily Binder, Sean Bracken, Christian Bush, Alexa Callahan, Anna Capelli, Nathan Clarke, Gavin D’Iorio,

Joseph Detwiler, Patrick Devlin, Patrick Doyle, Nora Hannigan, Grace Jermyn, Mark Jermyn, Jack Keefe, Elizabeth Kenny,

Jack Kushner, Mikayla Kushner, Nora Kyle, Margaret Linahan, Luke Lorenz, Samuel Lorenz, Gianna Mastrocola,

Alyssa McAllister, Brandon McCarthy, Luis McCarthy, Carly McCullough, Seamus McGill, Thomas Mosquera-Acosta,

Liam Mullin, Tess O’Connell, Joshua O’Neill, Kathleen Onderdonk, Christian Ottesen, Wyatt Poole, Sophia Rothstein,

Roman Slachta, Jakob Weinlick, Avery West, Kevin Willcox, and Gretchen Wilmer.

Tuition Assistance

FACTS Grant and Aid

· Applications open on November 1, 2018

Here is the link for FACTS Grant and Aid:

· Priority Application Deadline is March 30, 2019

· Cost to apply is $30

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone will begin on Monday, September 24th.

I have spoken to the students about the goals for Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone Foreign Language based learning provides 2 essential needs for our students as we look to see them prepared for 21st century: Students receive practice in "Distance Learning." They get to see what it is like to learn using a computer program. (High Schools are doing that now for various college courses.) The second is to immerse the students in a foreign language and culture. We do not expect the students to master the language--just get a feel for the language and culture. They will have that opportunity for at least 40 minutes each week. They can use the computer lab, before school, after school, or at lunch time. We just need to know ahead of time if they need to use the lab. Be sure they have the head set with microphone with them. Five Below sells headsets w/microphone. The system recommends Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 (more expensive). They are sold on

The students are NOT supposed to skip around. They begin on Level 1 and proceed through each Unit and lesson. A score of 90 or above should be reached before going to the next lesson. Hours are required to reach a 4, 3, 2, or 1 on the Report Card in World Language. The requirements for the Second Trimester are:

  • 4 on the Report Card--4 hours or above
  • 3 on the Report Card--3 to 3.9 hours
  • 2 on the Report Card--2 to 2.9 hours
  • 1 on the Report Card--0 to 1.9 hours
  • N/A--did not participate

All students of Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 are set up for Rosetta Stone for the 2018-2019 school year. This will happen starting Sept. 24th. The student has the user name and password. User Name: Firstname_Lastname Password: Student ID.

The website is: