SEL Survey Knowledge Base

Social-emotional learning (SEL) consists of the mindsets, behaviors, and skills that any person needs to persist through challenges, build relationships, and succeed in college, career, and life. SEL has been foundational to the Student Success Network (SSN) since it started in 2011.

SSN members participate in a shared data collection initiative to measure 7 SEL competencies in young people using the SSN SEL Survey.


    • The SSN SEL survey has 37 questions that measure 7 SEL competencies in young people.
    • The survey is available on paper and online in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic (paper only).
    • The survey is vetted for young people in grades 6 and up.
    • On average, it takes a student about 15 minutes to complete the survey. Times may vary by student age and reading level.


Members administer the survey to students twice in a program cycle or year:

    • Pre-survey, administered at the start of program
    • Post-survey, administered at the end of program

Members are required to get consent from parents and principals prior to administering the pre-survey.

After each completed survey administration, members get an online report and the opportunity to reflect and move their data to action.


    • SSN members use a custom online platform called Resonant Education (ResEd) to download survey materials, administer the survey, track progress, and receive reports.


Members who commit to SEL data collection using the survey get:

    • Individual support collecting and entering survey data
    • Two in-depth, interactive online reports that show results for each SEL factor, with a Network comparison
    • Opportunities to collaborate and move results to action

Each year, the SSN team and Research Alliance analyze 15,000 pre and post SEL surveys from 300 sites across NYC to offer:

Visit the Get Started page to launch your SEL data collection!


The Student Success Network (SSN) is a rapidly growing Network of 65 education and youth development nonprofits that provide direct service to more than 200,000 low-income middle and high school students across all five boroughs in and outside of NYC public schools. The Network’s mission is to create, grow, and fuel a community of organizations collectively closing the opportunity gap for youth.

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