Acceptable Usage Policy

This policy governs the proper use of all SSIS technology resources, including but not limited to computer systems, email, internet, mobile devices, and software. All students, staff, and affiliated personnel ("users") must adhere to these guidelines.

Document Update and Reference

1. Computer Access:

   - Share or borrow login credentials.

   - Leave systems unattended without locking them.

   - Access systems or data without proper authorization.

   - Connect unauthorized devices to the SSIS network.

   - Store SSIS data on unauthorized equipment or platforms.

   - Share SSIS data externally without proper permission.

2. Internet and Email Usage:

   - Harassing or abusive behavior.

   - Sharing or accessing inappropriate or offensive content.

   - Using resources for personal gain or non-academic activities.

   - Circumventing IT protocols, including sending spam or unauthorized broadcasting.

   - Sharing sensitive or confidential data without encryption.

   - Downloading unauthorized or copyrighted content.

3. Viruses and Malware Protection:

MacOS: While robust, it is vital to keep MacOS up to date to ensure it benefits from Apple's latest security patches and measures. Users should regularly check for system updates.

Windows: All SSIS Windows devices will have anti-malware software installed. The IT department will manage updates for both the Windows OS and the anti-malware software. Users should not attempt to disable or alter the installed security measures.

   - Avoid downloading files or software from untrusted sources.

   - Refrain from clicking on suspicious links in emails or on websites.

   - Report any unusual system behavior to the IT department immediately.

4. Workspace Etiquette:

5. Off-site & Remote Usage:

6. Mobile Storage & Software:

7. Telecommunications:

8. Contract Termination Protocol:

9. Monitoring & Data Privacy:

10. Reporting & Breaches: