COVID-19: Solutions and Recommendations for VT Music Education in 2020-2021

Covid-19 presents unprecedented challenges for music education. This resource outlines solutions and recommendations to meet these challenges, and to support administrators and teachers in maintaining quality music education for all students in a healthy and safe environment.

More detailed information is available in PDF versions for both Administrators and Teachers.

These are recommendations created from the study of many sources. This resource does not purport to replace or contradict the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control(CDC), VT AOE, local SUs, or schools regarding the timing or protocols for how schools should operate.

Statement: Music Education & SEL

Innate Value

  • Music has a profound impact on relationships through safe risk taking, emotional content, shared celebrations, and long term healthy adult relationships in school settings.

  • Music is an expressive medium, and through its study and performance, students develop ways to identify and articulate their own emotions.

  • Music performance correlates with the enhanced development of both physiological and emotional regulation.

Supporting Other Learning

  • Music education supports executive functioning skills & transferrable skills.

  • Music helps us develop intrinsic motivation by developing a sense of belonging, competence, and autonomy.

Educator Guide

Reopening Solutions - Educator Guide.pdf

Administrator Guide

Reopening Solutions - Admin.pdf