Mrs. Young

Welcome to the Family Consumer Science Department!

Family Consumer Science

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This is in my 8th year at Stewartville Public Schools. I have taught a variety of courses in the high school and middle school from foods, life skills, child development and basic sewing.I attended Riverland Community College and obtained my Associates of Arts degree. After attending Riverland I transferred to Minnesota State University-Mankato where I obtained my Bachelors in Family and Consumer Science. Before joining Stewartville Schools I worked as a substitute teacher for three years in area districts. I am married and have two children. My husband is in feed sales and farms.

As an educator I believe it is my job to teach my students daily life skills and to be ready to enter into the world as productive members of society.

Teacher Schedule

Semester 1

1st hour (7:50-8:38) Basic Foods

2nd hour (8:42-9:30) Advanced Foods

3rd hour (9:44-10:32) Teacher PREP

4th hour (10:36-11:24) Child Development 1

5th (11:24-12:24) GPS/Lunch

6th (12:28-1:15) Skills for Living 9

7th (1:19-2:05) Skills for Living 9

8th (2:09-2:55) Basic Foods

Semester 2

1st hour (7:50-8:38) Teacher PREP

2nd hour (8:42-9:30) Basic Foods

3rd hour (9:44-10:32) International Foods

4th hour (10:36-11:24) Child Development 2

5th (11:24-12:24) GPS/Lunch

6th (12:28-1:15) Basic Foods

7th (1:19-2:05) Skills for Living 9

8th (2:09-2:55) Advanced Foods

Syllabus or Classroom Expectations

Be Prepared

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Kind

Follow the SHS Handbook Rules

SHS Handbook 18-19

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