Ms. Waugh

Welcome to 7th Grade

I am a 2013 graduate from Stewartville High School and I graduated from the College of Saint Benedict in 2017. I have a major in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Communication Arts and Literature and a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language.

This year at Stewartville I will be teaching 7th grade English. I will also be teaching the 6th-12th grade Language Learners in our middle school and high school.

In English classes we will be spending time expressing ourselves through writing and speaking. We will also be reading many different types of texts. We will be exploring short stories, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Research has shown that the best way to become a better reader and writer is to read and write so plan on doing just that - READING and WRITING!!

During my EL classes we will work together as middle and high school students to focus on different topics that are relevant to our lives. We will explore these topics using reading, writing, speaking and listening.

If you don't find me in the classroom you might see me coaching a Stewie Youth Fitness class in the fall or the 9th grade girls basketball team in the winter.

Middle School English & Middle School/High School EL

Contact Information:

Room Number 152

School Phone 533-1448

E-Learning Day ONLY Phone (507) 200-0388


The best time to contact me is before or after school. I check my emails throughout the day on school days and on Mondays after the weekend.

My Schedule

7:50-8:37 1st Hour: EL

8:41-9:28 2nd Hour: English 7

9:32-10:19 3rd Hour: English 7

10:19-11:22 4th Hour: Lunch/PRIDE

11:26-12:16 5th Hour: English 7

12:20-1:09 6th Hour: English 7

1:13-2:02 7th Hour: PREP

2:06-2:55 8th Hour: Supervisory

Classroom Expectations

Be Engaged

Be Respectful

Be Helpful

My Philosophy

Each day in my classroom there are teachers and learners. It is my job to facilitate those teachers and learners and propel students forward in their thinking.

My goal is to inspire students to express themselves through speaking and writing and to grow through reading and listening.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

-- Malcolm X