Mr. Sklenička

Physics, Physical Science, Engineering, Knowledge Bowl, Academic Triathlon, Science Olympiad, Dungeons & Dragons

I came into teaching a little differently than many people, and hopefully that will add some interest for students along the way. I graduated with a BS in physics from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and got a MS in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I worked as an engineer designing high speed fiber optic communications equipment in Rochester for six years but then decided a change was due. I'd considered teaching before, and I've found my new career both rewarding and fun.

I live in Rochester with my wife, daughter, and three cats. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, wood working, reading, biking, hiking, and video games.

My teaching philosophy is that kids learn best by direct experience and are most engaged with a subject when they're having fun with it. Physical Science, Physics, and Principles of Engineering are full of hands-on activities that (hopefully) spark curiosity and interest in the science behind the labs. I also organize and coach Knowledge Bowl, Academic Triathlon, Science Olympiad, and the Dungeons & Dragons club.

Classroom phone: 507-533-1624 (best to call before/after school or during Prep time)

Google Voice: 507-944-0757 (useful for snow days)

E-mail: (preferred communication tool)

Teacher Schedule

Hr 1 7:50-8:38 Physical Science

Hr 2 8:42-9:30 Physical Science

Hr 3 9:38-10:26 Physical Science

Hr 4 10:30-11:18 Physics

Hr 5 11:20-12:22 Homeroom/Lunch Duty

Hr 6 12:26-1:13 Lunch

Hr 7 1:17-2:04 Prep time

Hr 8 2:08-2:55 Physical Science

Classroom Expectations

Give yourself a good chance to succeed.

1. Come to class prepared

  • Assignments are completed
  • Notebook and pencil are out
  • Computer is charged
  • Calculator is handy

2. Respect yourselves, your teacher, and your classmates

  • Keep your phone and other devices away
  • Don't talk over your teacher
  • Treat others with kindness

Helpful Links/Resources