Ms. Regenscheid

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Welcome - Mrs. Regenscheid - Stewartville High School

This is my 15th year of teaching Spanish at Stewartville High School. I am also beginning my 43rd year of teaching. I am a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, and prior to coming to Stewartville, I taught for 28 years at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School in Sioux City, Iowa. I have been married to my husband, Jim, for 45 years. Jim is retired, and currently is in charge of our dog, Mocha. I have one married daughter, Jamie, who is the Manager of Design and Development for Life Time Fitness in Chanhassen, Minnesota. I have an nine year old grandson, Jacob, and 6 year old granddaughter, Joie.

This year I will be teaching Spanish II and Spanish III. I am looking forward to a great year!

Spanish is unlike any class you have ever taken. All levels of Spanish are classes designed for success where students will be engaged in a variety of learning activities during the course of a class period. We have moved into a new textbook series, Así se dice. It is an exciting new series that has a digital platform that incorporates a variety of audio and written activities. Students receive instant feedback as activities are graded and sent to a Learning Management System. Overall grades will be given for online practice activities, quizzes, tests and projects Grades are weighted, with homework counting for 10% of the grade and tests/quizzes counting as 90% of the grade.

It is my belief that each child has unique gifts and talents. It is my hope as your instructor to provide a welcoming environment where there is an atmosphere of caring and respect where these gifts and talents can be developed and you will thrive. It is my desire that you leave my classroom with not only a working knowledge of Spanish and a better understanding of and respect for other cultures, but also with a deeper respect for the other students in the class and a greater confidence in yourself.

Feel free to contact me by phone (507-533-1519) or by e-mail ( if you have any questions or concerns. My contact number on snow days is 507-533-5397. I am at school from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Teacher Schedule

Class Schedule - Mrs. Regenscheid - Stewartville High School


  • Hour 1 7:50 - 8:38 Spanish 3
  • Hour 2 8:42 - 9:30 Spanish 3
  • Hour 3 9:42 - 10:26 Teacher Prep
  • Hour 4 10:30 - 11:18 Spanish 2
  • Hour 5 11:20 - 12:22 Lunch/Homeroom
  • Hour 6 12:26 - 1:13 Spanish 2
  • Hour 7 1:17 - 2:04 Spanish 2
  • Hour 8 2:08 - 2:55 Spanish 2

Classroom Expectations

Behavior Expectations

Students will:

· Respect the people in the classroom and their property

· Come to class with the necessary supplies

· Complete homework on time

· Be in class on time

· Follow the rules of the student handbook.

Consequences for violating these expectations include: Warnings, student/teacher conferences, phone calls or e-mails to parents, detention with the teacher, and formal discipline referrals.

Cell Phones

Students are not allowed the use of cell phones during class. If a student uses a phone during class for ANY reason (unless approved by the teacher), I will hold the phone until the end of the day. A second infraction will result in the phone being brought to the office and a discipline referral will be completed. A third infraction will result in the student being sent to ISS until we have a parent meeting to discuss how we move forward. Please know that learning is hard enough, and phones distract students from doing the business of learning. In the event that there is a DIRE need for a student to have access during a class period, I will give special permission if your student speaks with me about it before class.


Students will NOT have an actual book to bring home. The textbook is electronic and can be accessed anywhere internet is available. Students will be submitting the majority of their homework electronically through a learning management system called ESTUDIO. All assignments will be listed on this site. Schoology is not used in the Foreign Language Department.


I update grades almost every week. I will send home email progress reports when I update grades. If you do not have a registered email with the school, please do so to stay current with your student’s progress. Late work is NOT accepted and cannot be made up unless a student has been absent.

Grading Grades are weighted in the following way:

· 10% Coursework (homework, in class activities, etc.)

· 90% Tests and Quizzes/projects


Assignments and homework are essential components of learning a language. They are designed to PRACTICE the vocabulary and grammar concepts taught in class. Because it is for practice, some homework will not be graded, and most of it will be done in class. Language learning is sequential and what we learn one day is needed for the next. I promise you I will never give students assignments/homework that is not directly tied to supporting the learning in my classroom.

Students will have a significant amount of time in class to work on their assignments. Use of class time should minimize the amount of time needed outside of the class. In addition, if students are struggling with the material, I am able to assist individually to ensure they understand the concepts. Waiting to do the work at home, and not using class time wisely, seriously jeopardizes yourability to succeed in Spanish. Please use the class period wisely. This is especially true if you do not have internet.

NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE ACCEPTED. Assignments are due on the assigned due date or at the BEGINNING OF THE CLASS PERIOD when the material is tested or quizzed.

Make-up Work

If you are absent, you should check the ESTUDIO calendar for any assignments. These can be completed at home and submitted electronically. If you do not have internet access, work must be submitted upon return. There should not be any questions concerning what your student has missed. Missed tests must be made up within 2 days. For lengthy absences, it will be the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher should more time be required. If you are going on a vacation, you will be able to stay on top of most work online. Please notify the teacher at least 1 week PRIOR to leaving to make sure work is made up before going.

Extra Credit

I offer opportunities for extra credit at various times throughout the quarter. Students should take advantage of them as they pop up. I do not usually offer opportunities at the end of the term to boost a grade.


The key to learning a foreign language is to memorize vocabulary. The best way to practice is with flashcards or to use the online practice activities. Students should practice their vocabulary for a minimum of 5 minutes each day, whether assigned or not. If students know the words, using them becomes very easy.

Helpful Links/Resources