Ms. Olson


Hello! My name is Maggie Olson and I am a Special Education Teacher at Stewartville Middle School. I have recently taught at Rochester Beacon Academy and LeRoy-Ostrander.

I graduated from St. Mary's University with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. I am currently attending Winona State for a Academic & Behavioral Strategist licensure along with a Master's in Special Education.

Contact Information:

Teacher Schedule

1st hour- Organization Skills

2nd hour- Testing Supervision

3rd hour- Social Skills

4th hour- PRIDE

5th hour- Behavior Skills

6th hour- Prep

7th Hour- Behavior Skills

8th Hour- Organization Skills

C ompliment your classmates and teachers

H elp keep the room clean- pick up after yourself at all times

A rrive to classes on time- tardies are not cool

R espect others property- if it’s not yours don’t touch it without asking

A lways make good choices which lead to positive outcomes

C concentrate on others who are speaking- don't interrupt them

T reat others as you wish to be treated

E xcuses are not tolerated

Rembers all materials for class

M istakes happen- it’s how we learn why pencils have erasers

A sk for help when you need it

T ry your best every time!

T ruthfulness and honesty are always the best policy

E xpect to have fun and enjoy yourself

R ude attitudes or comments are not allowed

S tay on task at all times

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